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Meet Our "Marketing Ninja"

Hi! I’m Tiffany Mills, the Marketing Coordinator and Social Media Guru at McCallion & McCallion. Born in Washington, DC and raised in Maryland, I spent my first two years out of college working in the Nation's Capitol. Commuting two hours into and out of the city every day became old rather quickly, and so together with my fiancé, we decided to move to Southwest Florida for a more relaxed lifestyle. We thought to ourselves, “Why wait until we’re retired to live in paradise?”

I am continuously amazed at the beauty of Southwest Florida, most especially the numerous types of palm trees and funny looking birds. Every morning, I enjoy my ride onto Sanibel Island, and can’t help but smile when I reflect on the bumper-to-bumper beltway traffic I’ve traded for the sandy two-lane streets of Sanibel. Adjusting to island time and a slower pace of life has been a breeze, and I have fallen in love with the small town appeal of Sanibel and Captiva Islands.

The "Wiffersnapper"
The "Wiffersnapper"
Tiffany & Will at her graduation from Messiah College
Tiffany & Will at her graduation from Messiah College

With a B.A. in Communications and M.A. in Integrated Marketing Communications, I have a passion for designing attractive marketing materials and communicating with clients on a personal level. My job is to take the expertise from our knowledgeable Realtors®, and put it in plain English for you and I to understand. At McCallion & McCallion, we work together as a team to provide the most pertinent information to aid in a smooth home buying and selling experience. 

Since becoming a Floridian, I have fully embraced "salt-life." So much so, in fact, that Will and I purchased and live onboard our 51' Bluewater Coastal Cruiser motor yacht with our two cats Turbo and Ryback. Docked on the bayside of Fort Myers Beach, we love the convenience to the Gulf, and the awesome waterfront views with living on a boat. Again we found ourselves asking...

Why wait until we're retired to live on a boat?!

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