3 Common Sanibel Home Inspection Fails

As a homeowner, you’re likely already aware that your home will undergo an inspection before a buyer purchases your place. But did you know there is more than one inspection that takes place? In fact, there are multiple inspections, that will likely occur once your home is “under contract.”

Not only are there various inspections, but these inspectors are extremely thorough, and can spot things that you might not have even known about as the owner.

Having handled hundreds of transactions representing both buyers and sellers, we have become very familiar with the inspection process and the types of issues that might show up on the report. While these issues may not be present in your own home, they have proved to be some of the most common we’ve seen on island.

Don’t Get Trapped By These Three Issues

  1. Outdated Electric Panels and Wiring
    Three out of the last six home inspections we’ve attended have had the same electrical issue show up on the report. Old electric panels of the “Federal Pacific” brand in particular seem to be prevalent in a number of Sanibel homes. Every inspector so far has suggested these outdated electric panels need to be replaced. Luckily, most electric companies on island are familiar with the problem and can suggest a good replacement box. In our experience the quotes tend to run between $1,300 – $1,500 for the new panel, the permitting and the installation work.
  2. Outdated and Faulty Plumbing
    Besides leaky pipes and water pressure, the home inspectors also look at the overall condition of your pipes and all of the fittings. A number of older Sanibel homes and condos still have copper pipping, which as you may know corrode and develop tiny pin-whole leaks over the years. Polybutylene piping is another common type of plumbing that inspectors flag on the inspection report. Again, plumbing companies on Sanibel are familiar with these outdated systems and can provide quotes for what it would cost to replace your lines with new durable material.
  3. Outdated HVAC Systems
    You might say, “but it still runs fine!”… but the truth is, the Sanibel environment is harsh on your HVAC systems, and reduces the lifespan of your unit if preventive maintenance has not occurred. The average lifespan of a Sanibel AC unit tends to be about 10 years, give or take, and if yours is nearing its age limit, it is worth looking into a newer, more efficient system – which by the way is a great selling feature! We have worked with a number of reputable HVAC companies that we’d be happy to recommend their services.


Don’t Wait Until It’s On The Market

Why do we suggest looking into these issues BEFORE your home is on the market? For one, it’s better to know and disclose any issues up front, so that buyers do not get upset when their inspection report comes back with a number of red flags.

Really, the sooner you can tackle these issues the better, as opposed to waiting until you are under contract and have a short period of time to have everything properly addressed. Neither side wants a rushed job, and you as the homeowner certainly don’t want to pay for an “urgent” installation either.

Even if you do not plan on attending to these issues yourself, knowing the problem exists and having a solution with a quote in hand helps potential buyers understand what’s needed to be done on their dime.

We’ve touched on some of the most common BIG issues that inspections reveal, but there are a number of smaller items that pop-up often too. We’re happy to share more information about the smaller issues and the many different types of inspections that take place here on Sanibel.

Don’t hesitate to reach out by email or phone and request more information! 239-472-1950 or team@mccallionrealty.com.