Kim Moore

Executive Assistant

Meet Our "Organizational Blackbelt"

Hello, I am Kim Moore, the glue that holds together the McCallion & McCallion bookends. I first began working for Susan and Jim in 2012, closely engaging clients to aid in navigating the home buying process. It’s an extremely rewarding experience to help customers search vigorously for their dream home and see the excitement on their face when they are finally handed the keys!

Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, I was raised in a home filled with love and a sense of adventure. As a child, my family spent our summers traveling the country in our station wagon, enjoying the best of Mother Nature. These experiences sparked my sense of adventure, as well as a curiosity and appreciation for our country’s beauty and diverse culture. My ultimate dream is to travel the U.S. via RV, and immerse myself in all that each area has to offer.

When your ship fails to come in, swim out to it!

Kim and her friend Rachelle enjoying the beach.
Kim and her friend Rachelle enjoying the beach.
Kim and her husband Casey playing with Dolphins.
Kim and her husband Casey playing with Dolphins.

A good part of my career was spent working in Chicago's large corporate offices as an Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper to corporate executives. Las Vegas provided a drastic change of pace, working in the hospitality and casino industry for serval years, before owning my own restaurant for five years. Wearing so many hats, these experiences were both challenging and rewarding. I found that I especially valued the relationships built with customers who became my “regulars” and my passion for great customer service.

In 2002, my life changed when I visited a friend in Sarasota and immediately fell in love with the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida. It didn’t take long for me to relocate, replacing my snow boots and shovel for a life vest and kayak paddle. The sandy white beaches, boating, snorkeling, hiking, camping and bird watching has provided me with bounds of endless adventure. Do you want to know the greatest part? No matter what activity you enjoy, you can enjoy it all year-round here in Southwest Florida… unless that activity is snowshoeing up a cold mountain of course. Everyday, I am grateful for the beauty of Southwest Florida, and am sure to take time to appreciate where I have come and all that’s still left to explore!

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