Mollie Rainwater

Broker's Executive Assistant

Meet Our "Customer Care Champion"

Hi! I’m Mollie, Susan’s sidekick and second hand at McCallion and McCallion. I’m a rare, native Floridian from the Bradenton area. Florida Gulf Coast University brought me further south to the beaches of Sanibel and Fort Myers. Graduating recently with a B.A in Communication PR, I’m excited to start my career in real estate here on sunny Sanibel Island. Not a bad “first job,” right?!

I’ve come to really love this part of Florida. Sanibel is unlike any other part of the state. There’s a jaw-dropping sensation I get every time I cross the Causeway Islands. I’m sure you can relate! Growing up, I spent a great amount of time on the water, fishing on my family’s boat and enjoying the year-round warm weather. On the weekends, I really enjoy line dancing with my friends, and the chance to attend live music concerts of any genre.

Mollie and Jacob at Jazz Fest

One of my favorite sayings,

"Bloom where you are planted."

Mollie Exploring Thailand
Mollie Exploring Thailand

At McCallion & McCallion, I work to ensure our customers are well taken care of. I help Susan manage her busy broker schedule, and can almost finish her sentences for her. It’s a joy seeing so many happy buyers become new island residents, and our long-time island residents sell their homes and move onto the next chapter. I’ve already picked out a few favorite homes on island that I can classify as “maybe, someday” homes for my family.

Fun Fact: I play the guitar! And enjoy performing for my boyfriend, Jacob, and dog, Kaia, in the comfort of my living room. Jacob and I traveled to Thailand in 2017, and were mesmerized by the beauty of the countries nature, wildlife and culture. Fun Fact #2: I got bit by a tiger while in Thailand! Okay, so it was a baby tiger being playful, but still! They will be great memories. I look forward to many more traveling adventures in the future.

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