How not to worry about Hurricane Season

hurricane satelite infrared photoI don’t worry about hurricanes anymore.

Don’t misunderstand me, I take them very seriously. I lived at ground zero for Hurricane Andrew in Miami (a category 5 beast) so I have first hand experience of what they can do. I just don’t WORRY about them anymore. Why not?

I prepare and have a plan.

That’s the secret. Purchase your supplies and make a just-in-case plan then you don’t have to worry. IF a storm comes, you’ll be set.

So go out and gather your supplies and put together an evacuation checklist now. Determine what to do in case of a voluntary or mandatory evacuation. Are you going to leave town and stay with family or friends? Do you plan to go to a shelter? Don’t forget about your pets or if you have special medical needs. Most shelters don’t take pets and the special needs shelters only take applicants before a storm is heading our way.

Take action now and you will be more at ease for the entire season.

Below is a list of resources to help get you started.

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