Sanibel Beachfront Condos for Sale

There is something magical about walking out the door of your beachfront condo and stepping onto the sandy beach. I love strolling in the quiet mornings with my coffee, watching the sea life start their day. Most beach front condos in Florida are located on crowded beaches with high-rise condos blocking sun and sky. Not so with Sanibel beachfront condos. Our beaches are pristine and protected from condo developers that would mar our natural setting. All beachfront condos on Sanibel Island are low-rise condos that are under 4 stories, many condos are only 2 or 3 stories tall.

Current Sanibel Beachfront Condos For Sale

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Only showing up to 30 properties. Show all in list and map.

About Sanibel Beachfront Condos

Sanibel Island beach front condos for sale are unique because the City of Sanibel acted to protect our pristine beaches by limiting development before developers could build massive buildings that would detract from our natural beauty. All Sanibel beachfront condos are limited in height and must be set back from the beach.

Because of the City’s foresight, beach front condos on Sanibel Island now enjoy fantastic ocean views. Most Sanibel beachfront condos have a buffer of native vegetation between the beach and condo. You’ll enjoy this as you stroll our beaches as it provides wide beach views with open sky and a natural setting that is a rarity among Florida beaches.

Sanibel Island is a special natural and protected barrier island and visitors come here for Sanibel’s unique charm and natural beaches. Beachfront condos on Sanibel make excellent vacation rentals or second homes. Because of Sanibel’s unique attraction, limited new development potential and rental income history, beach front condos on Sanibel make great investments.

Forget about crowded beaches. Sanibel beachfront condos for sale are low density – meaning development rules requires a large amount of land per condo unit. This limits the number of beachfront condos on Sanibel and prevents crowds. In fact, many times of the year, you can walk the beaches of Sanibel and experience quiet solitude. Future condo development will be very limited. Over half of Sanibel is protected conservation land and new condo development opportunities are rare. Because of increasingly restrictive ordinances, any new beach front condo on Sanibel will be low density and expensive, and will likely cater residents and not vacation rentals.

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