Welcome To Sanibel

Congrats!! You've just gone under contract or closed on your island home! ... Now what??

We know there’s a lot to take in when you become a new resident on Sanibel Island. That’s why we’ve put together the Sanibel New Resident Guide - a list of helpful links and information for you to reference as you get settled in!

Warning, don’t try and tackle everything in one day. Give yourself some time to get everything set up and switched over, and of course if you have any questions - we’re here for you!


Sanibel New Resident Guide

The City of Sanibel - Here you’ll find important information regarding city updates, meetings, codes, departments, and other helpful links and information. Sign up for email alerts to receive announcements such as traffic alerts, emergency situations, and general news release information. Click here to visit the City of Sanibel homepage.

Sanibel Utilities - You can find information regarding utilities on the City of Sanibel website, and we’ve also outlined our own utility costs in our blog “8 Sanibel Homeowner Costs to Consider.” The blog includes descriptions and links to our different service providers here on island, and we are also happy to share our Directory of Services, which includes a list of preferred vendors that our clients have used and recommended. Click here to read our blog about Sanibel Utilities.

Sanibel Causeway Toll Transponder - You’ll want to purchase a LeeWay or SunPass transponder so that you can breeze right through the toll booth on the Causeway. There are different payment plans and programs you can purchase depending on your intended frequency of use. Click here to view more information on LeeWay transponders, which works in all of Lee County. Or, if you’d like a pass that works for the entire state of Florida, check out the SunPass website here.

Lee County Tax Collector - This is where you’ll go to register your vehicle and drivers license with the state of Florida. It is also where you pay for property taxes, and find information regarding speciality licenses such as hunting, fishing, boating, concealed carry, etc. Click here to visit the Lee County Tax Collector website.

Alert Lee - You’ll want to enroll in Alert Lee’s community notification system, which will send you emergency alerts and other important announcements regarding Sanibel Island. Click here to enroll with Alert Lee.

Hurricane Re-Entry Pass - As a Sanibel resident, you will want to obtain your hurricane re-entry pass BEFORE hurricane season begins. The re-entry pass will allow Sanibel residents and businesses to return on island following an evacuation, once officials have deemed it safe to do so. Click here to learn how to obtain your hurricane re-entry pass.


Sanibel Medical Facilities - Most of the larger medical facilities of Lee County are just over the Causeway in Fort Myers. However, Sanibel does have a handful of doctors offices you can visit on island, including Dunavant Medical Group, San-Cap Medical Center, and Sanibel Medical Inc.

Sanibel Veterinary Services - Your pet’s health is important too! We have two veterinary offices here on island, and a number of offices just over the bridge. Beachside Animal Clinic is just a few doors down from our office, and is where we take our dogs. There is also the Coral Veterinary Clinic just a short distance away.

The Sanibel School - We have one school on Sanibel, which serves K-8, and it just so happens to be a National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence. The McCallion kids have all attended the Sanibel School and we’ve had a good experience overall. Click here to read why “We Love the Sanibel School.”


Churches on Sanibel Island - We have several great church communities on Sanibel including the Sanibel Community Church, the Sanibel Congregational United Church of ChristSt. Isabel Catholic ChurchSaint Micheal & All Angels Episcopal Church, and the Captiva Chapel by the Sea

Sanibel Resident Beach Pass - Sanibel Island residents can purchase an annual “A” sticker parking permit, which allows you to park at the restricted beach access points. We outline each  beach access on our page “Sanibel Beaches.” You can also visit the City of Sanibel website here to apply for you parking permit.

Sanibel Bike Trails - As you know, biking is a preferred mode of transportation here for many island residents and visitors. You can find a map of Sanibel bike trails here on the Billy’s Bike Rentals website, or by clicking here to go to SanibelTrails.com.

Resources For New Island Residents

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Sanibel island sunset

The Beauty of Sanibel Island

By Jim McCallion | Nov 19, 2019

When you live in paradise, you sometimes become numb to the beauty of your hometown.

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East End vs West End vs Mid-Island

By Susan McCallion | Oct 8, 2019

Which location on island best suits your lifestyle and needs? Here’s a summary of each.

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Flood Insurance on Sanibel Island

By Susan McCallion | Aug 13, 2019

Our local insurance expert explains who needs flood insurance coverage, what it covers and what it costs.

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Florida Property Taxes Explained

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Property tax in Florida is determined by local government bodies and the property appraiser for your county.

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4 Steps to Traveling with Pets

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Moving with pets can be stressful for all involved. Here are a few tips to aid a smooth transition.

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Termite Tenting – It’s Not Condemned

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You’ve seen the tents while driving around. Termites are a common problem in the warm, humid climate of Southwest Florida. Here’s the lowdown on termite types, treatments and prevention methods.

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How To Know You’re An Islander

By Jim McCallion | Jan 22, 2019

Besides holding the deed to your newly purchased Sanibel Island home, here are five signs you are a true “islander.”

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Did You File For Your Homestead Exemption?

By Susan McCallion | Dec 11, 2018

As the new year approaches, now is a good time to remind you to file for your Florida Homestead Exemption.

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Avoiding Traffic Jams on Sanibel During Season

By Susan McCallion | Nov 23, 2018

Winter is coming. If you’ve visited Sanibel during the Winter months, you know this is our busy season, which means more traffic than usual. Here’s how to deal…

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Your Guide To Florida Furniture & Coastal Decor

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Who doesn’t love shopping for coastal decor?? There are so many great places to shop locally, here are a few to get you started.

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How To Become An Official Florida Resident

By Susan McCallion | Apr 10, 2018

Yay! You’ve purchased a home here on the islands! Now it’s time to decide which state you will claim as your domicile. Wondering how to claim Florida as your state of residence?

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Sanibel Non-Profit Organizations, Clubs & Memberships

By Jim McCallion | Dec 28, 2017

Take a peak at some of the great non-profit organizations on island, as well as a few city-run programs in which residents should take full advantage.

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Sanibel New Resident Guide

By Jim McCallion | Dec 2, 2017

There’s a lot to take in when you become a new resident on Sanibel. That’s why we’ve put together this Sanibel New Resident Guide to get you started!

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Yes, Your Florida AC Requires Routine Maintenance

By Susan McCallion | Aug 25, 2017

I’ve recently found out the hard way, that, YES, your AC needs regular maintenance in order to prevent costly repairs and/or damage to your home.

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Hurricane Shutters vs. Impact Glass

By Jim McCallion | Aug 11, 2017

We often get asked, “What’s better? Hurricane Shutters or Impact Glass?” Here are the pros and cons of both.

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What Exactly Is BIG ARTS?

By Jim McCallion | Jul 20, 2017

It’s another organization on island that you see everywhere, but what is BIG ARTS exactly?

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Why We Suggest Using Local Lenders On Sanibel

By Susan McCallion | Jul 14, 2017

Using outside lenders can be tricky when purchasing your home on Sanibel & Captiva… here’s why I recommend interviewing our local lenders.

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You Gotta Love Sanibel Mailboxes!

By Tiffany Stokes | Sep 15, 2016

Driving around the island your bound to spot of a few classic Sanibel mailboxes that make you smile!

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8 Sanibel Homeowner Costs to Consider

By Susan McCallion | Aug 10, 2016

I find that it helps customers when I provide a ball park run through of the average Sanibel Homeowner Costs that they will incur living on the islands.

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9 Ways to Get Involved with the Island Community

By Susan McCallion | Jul 27, 2016

Looking to get involved in the community? There’s no better way than volunteering on Sanibel or Captiva Islands!

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Why are Mangroves Critical to Your Sanibel Real Estate

By Jim McCallion | Jun 22, 2016

If you’re not from Florida, you might be wondering, “What’s so special about Mangroves on Sanibel?” I’m here to shed light on the importance of this native plant.

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Sanibel School - Seahorse Festival

We Love The Sanibel School

By Susan McCallion | May 13, 2016

The Sanibel School has proved to be one of the biggest blessings of moving on Island for our family!

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Sanibel Native Plants - Coontie

How To Go Native On Sanibel

By Jim McCallion | Apr 1, 2016

Happy Spring! Looking to spruce up your garden? Get info on Sanibel Native Plants from the island’s SCCF Native Plant Nursery.

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Sea Serpents and Quiet Nights – Settling in on Sanibel Island

By Susan McCallion | Mar 24, 2016

I have welcomed many new residents to Sanibel Island over the years – and I love hearing their stories about settling in on Sanibel Island!

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Sanibel Public Library

By Susan McCallion | Mar 3, 2016

The Sanibel Public Library has been one of the best resources on the island that my whole family enjoys!

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Sanibel Lighthouse

Sanibel Residents Get Special Beach Access

By Susan McCallion | Feb 12, 2016

Did you know that island residents can use 20 beach access locations on Sanibel not available to the general public?

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Extra Costs of Buying

By Susan McCallion | Jun 5, 2015

To help you prepare for your big move, we’ve prepared a list of common extra costs that come with buying a home in Southwest Florida.

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Sanibel Farmers Market

Sanibel Farmers Market Tradition

By Tiffany Stokes | Mar 27, 2015

If you’ve visited Sanibel & Captiva Islands in the winter or early spring, you’ve probably experienced the Sanibel Farmers Market first-handedly. Locals and vacationers alike flock to the market on Sunday mornings to bask in the bounty of fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and pastries. Since 2008, farmers, bakers, fishermen and chefs have brought their local […] Read More