Retiring On Sanibel Island

Have you been saving penny's in a jar for 15 years to one day retire on Sanibel?? That may sound like a joke, but it's a true story from one of our customers who finally closed on their dream home on Sanibel! It was a special day indeed, and we were so excited to be apart of their major milestone!


Preparing For Retirement

Preparing for retirement looks different for everyone. Maybe you've had your heart set on Sanibel since you first started vacationing here as kid. Or, maybe you just stumbled upon our sleepy beach town a few years ago while exploring different areas of Florida. Welcome! We hope you enjoy some of the articles below that we've written about retiring on Sanibel & Captiva Island.

It's never too early to start planning for retirement. In fact, we have a number of people who purchase their island retirement home a few years ahead, while interest rates are low and the market is in good standing. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about our island and stories about what other's have done to prepare for this exciting stage of life!

Sanibel Retirement Resources

Retiring in Florida vs. Arizona

By Jim McCallion | Jun 3, 2020

While Florida has always been known as a great place for retirement, Arizona has been gaining popularity with Baby Boomers in particular.

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4 Reasons to Buy Your Retirement Home BEFORE You Retire

By Susan McCallion | Dec 17, 2019

I find myself frequently explaining the benefits of buying your retirement home before you retire.

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7 Considerations for Retiring on Sanibel

By Susan McCallion | Aug 27, 2019

Retiring on Sanibel? There are different types of retirement properties on island and several factors you should consider.

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Flood Insurance on Sanibel Island

By Susan McCallion | Aug 13, 2019

Our local insurance expert explains who needs flood insurance coverage, what it covers and what it costs.

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Should Boomers Rent or Buy on Sanibel?

By Susan McCallion | Jun 14, 2018

It’s an important question as baby boomers start to retire and move to the sunshine state. Here’s a recap of a recent conversation I had with a client who just sold their primary home up north.

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Our Experience with Assisted Living

By Susan McCallion | Mar 12, 2018

We have wonderful assisted living options here in Southwest Florida! It’s true! I just went through the process of researching and finding the perfect care for my dad. Here’s my experience…

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7 Critical Steps to Retire on Sanibel Island

By Jim McCallion | Sep 1, 2016

For many visitors, it’s their dream to retire on Sanibel Island (and Captiva too). Here are 7 Steps to help make that dream a reality!

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Extra Costs of Buying

By Susan McCallion | Jun 5, 2015

To help you prepare for your big move, we’ve prepared a list of common extra costs that come with buying a home in Southwest Florida.

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