9 Signs You’re Ready To Buy On Sanibel

Having been part of the McCallion Team here on Sanibel for almost two years, and I have gotten to hear stories of how so many of you fell in love with our islands, and how you knew it was time to buy a home. While I haven’t purchased a home here on Sanibel myself, I can relate to your same desires and decisions to move south in search of paradise.


I moved to Southwest Florida in my mid-twenties, jumping at the opportunity to move before I had too many responsibilities and strings tying me to a particular area. While it was an easier decision for me to take the leap of faith while young, I’ve found that I had the same thoughts and concerns many of you have expressed in conversation with Susan and our team.

To help ease some of those concerns, I’ve put together a list of signs that you are ready to buy on Sanibel Island.

9 Signs You’re Ready To Buy on Sanibel Island

#1. You are retiring in the next 5 years
Yes, it sounds far away, but I have heard Susan and Jim explain time and time again that purchasing a home on Sanibel now can help you prepare for retirement. You don’t have to wait until a year or six months before you plan to move down full-time. In fact, a number of our clients are planning years in advance, purchasing a property now, renting it out, or just using it as a vacation home for themselves until they reach retirement.


#2. You have been reading our emails for weeks, months or even years
If you have been reading about Sanibel and Captiva and our guides to Sanibel Real Estate, you are well prepared! While there’s always more to learn, you are likely more prepared than you think. Know that our team will guide you through the process every step of the way. We even stay in touch after you close on your home!

#3. You have a Sanibel Pinterest board or list of traits for your island dream home
Well if you have all of this, you are extra prepared! I love hearing how people have prepared to purchase on Sanibel with everything from literal piggy banks to elaborate online spreadsheets of homes they like and didn’t like.

#4. You Own a Snow Shovel 😱
This is a major “no-no.” A tell-tale sign that you are ready to move to Sanibel is if you own a snow shovel, and have to use it more than once a year!


#5. You vacation on Sanibel EVERY YEAR, faithfully
There are a number of families that come down every year for vacation. Why not buy a vacation property for the family? You can always rent the property while you are not using it to help cover some of the expenses.

#6. Your kids have left the nest, and are threatening to move back home after college
Quick! Before it’s too late. I can joke about this light-heartedly, since I’m one of those post-graduate tenants my parents lovingly welcomed home after college. But seriously, I would have happily followed them to Florida if they decided to move to Sanibel after I graduated, just saying.

#7. You just hit the Lottery! (or can at least provide a 20% down payment on a home)
In case you’re unsure and afraid to ask, you DO NOT have to be an “All Cash” buyer to purchase a home on island. I’d say there is a good mixture of Sanibel homebuyers that pay cash vs. taking out a home mortgage. We have very helpful and informative banks here on the island that would be happy to discuss the best options for you.

#8. Your grandkids could use more outdoor time, and less “on-screen” time
We’re all guilty of being glued to our phones or computers. But Sanibel is the perfect place to get outside and explore, even if it means chasing Pokemon Go characters while biking around the island. Hey, whatever it takes!


#9. You have a strong desire to slow down and enjoy life
This is last, but certainly not least. I think it’s the number one reason most people decide to purchase on Sanibel Island. In fact, it’s the exact reason I chose Southwest Florida out of all the areas in Florida, and I haven’t looked back since!

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