How Dense Are We on Sanibel?

Many of you know that over 60% of Sanibel is pristine conservation land and that no high-rise condos are allowed on our island. These protections keep us surrounded by natural beauty and forever preserve Sanibel’s ‘small town’ character. They have also limited our population density to a mere 182 people per square mile.

But do these protections translate into measurable differences compared to other Southwest Florida beach communities? … You Betcha!

Below I’ve compared Sanibel’s population density to Marco Island, Naples, Siesta Key and Saint Pete Beach.

Sanibel Population and Area Compared to
Marco Island, Naples, Siesta Key and Saint Pete Beach

Siesta Key has 2042 people per square mile (vs. 182 on Sanibel). Siesta Key is known for it’s beautiful beach and powder sand, but you are going to be sharing it with a lot of people!

Sanibel Island Population Chart

Marco Island is 4 times more densely populated than Sanibel, Naples is 8 times more dense and Siesta Key is a whopping 11 times more dense. Wow.

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