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Sanibel Island Summer Camps 2011

As I get ready to register 3 of our kids for summer camp, it dawned on me that having suggestions for friends might be helpful.

Captiva Market Analysis – Snapshot 2010

How was the Captiva market this past year? Not so great, overall the number of transactions that closed decreased from 2009 to 2010. It’s encouraging to see that median sell prices went up. 2010 Captiva Snapshot – key market indicators CAPTIVA 2009 2010 % change Sold Homes 16 10 -38% Average Sell Price $2,573,016 $2,258,250 […]

Sanibel Market Analysis Snapshot 2010

How BAD was 2010 for Sanibel real estate??? Well, in technical terms, it Stunk – but not as badly as 2009. The good news is that 2011 is looking much better (more on 2011 later). 2010 Sanibel Snapshot – key market indicators SANIBEL 2009 2010 % change Sold Homes 144 124 -14% Average Sell Price […]

Videos of The Sanibel School, National Blue Ribbon Award Winner, K-8

The first video gives you the history of the first 100 years of the Sanibel School. The second gives the Sanibel School success story!

Mother’s Day on the Beach

The beach is never far away when you live on Sanibel Island and there is nothing like spending the afternoon on the beach with your husband and kids.  We headed off to beach late in the day, thinking that we’d spend just an hour, but …