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Meet Our "Marketing Megaphone"

Hello, I’m Jim McCallion, the marketing and technology half of McCallion & McCallion Realty. Together with my wife Susan, we started our own real estate practice on Sanibel back in 2009. Actually, Susan was supposed to be just one of a few “clients” of my marketing and technology advising practice. But as many husbands come to find, 110% of your time is devoted to your wife and family, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

My background is in technology, in fact, I owned and operated my own software development company in Miami for 10 years before selling the practice and moving to Sanibel with our family. I loved the art and culture and vibe of Miami, but nothing beats the slow-paced Sandel-wearing community of Sanibel. It’s the perfect place to raise our four kids, grow our business and get involved in the community.


It’s rare to hear - but I’m a TRUE FLORIDIAN, born just outside Chicago, but raised in Southwest Florida from a young age. I remember when areas such as Bonita Springs and Estero were untouched swamplands where I would go fishing and exploring as a kid. The development of Southwest Florida has been an exciting transformation to witness, but what’s been even greater, is the lack of overdevelopment of precious environments such as our wildlife refuge and nature preserves. Unlike most beach towns, Sanibel has not become a tropical concrete jungle and never will.

That’s what makes our island so desirable, and a unique place to live! We love family bike trips through Ding Darling and kayaking in Tarpon Bay. But really, some of the coolest experiences happen right in our backyard, from photographing stoic wood-storks, to watching stealthy alligators swim the lake, to chasing the dogs who are chasing the rabbits around the yard. Our passion as island residents fuels our desire to help others find the perfect island home and lifestyle just like we did over a decade ago.

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Jim McCallion

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