Sanibel Beachfront Homes

Owning a beachfront home on Sanibel Island is the dream of many, but unfortunately only obtainable by a few. There are only a limited number of Sanibel ocean front homes for sale. Owning one of the most desirable Gulf Coast properties allows you to enjoy some of the most pristine and private beaches in Florida. Many Sanibel ocean front homes are located along beaches without condos and far from public beach accesses. Most beachfront homes on Sanibel set back far from the shore so all can enjoy panoramic natural views without obstruction. Strolling the beaches along these neighborhoods provides solitude and peace that cannot be replicated on any other beach in Florida.

Current Sanibel Beachfront Homes For Sale

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Beach Erosion and Sanibel Ocean Front Homes For Sale

Beach erosion is an issue to consider when buying an oceanfront home. Make sure you understand the conditions of the shoreline and any erosion mitigation plans before you make your purchase. Fortunately, most Sanibel ocean front homes are not affected by long term erosion. In fact, the beaches along the East end of the island are growing. This may be partially due to the unique geography of Sanibel. Unlike other Florida barrier islands, Sanibel is oriented East-West, not North-South. Captiva Island is aligned North-South and beachfront homes on Captiva have experienced erosion.

Sanibel Beachfront Home Communities

Single family homes are spread along the gulf coast of Sanibel; however the majority are on the West end of Sanibel Island.

East End Beachfront Homes

On the East end beaches, most of the coastline is developed as low-rise condos with a few homes mixed in. Homes here enjoy easier access to the causeway and shopping - both on and off island. Because of the number of condominiums, many of which cater to vacation rentals, the beaches here tend to have more people relative to West-end beaches.

West Gulf Drive Beachfront Homes

Many Estate oceanfront homes are located along West Gulf Drive on Sanibel Island. These homes have large lots and are set back from the street. These homes are relatively close to island shopping and are far from public beaches. Fewer condos are built along the shore and the beaches are sparsely populated.

West End Beachfront Communities

Several communities off Sanibel-Captiva Road (SanCap Road to locals) are built along the coast. These communities provide both a quiet and private neighborhood and access to some of the most beautiful and serene beaches in Florida. Homes are built back from the shoreline and the view from these Sanibel ocean front homes is nothing short of spectacular. The only downside is the distance from the causeway can make off-island shopping trips quite the chore.

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