6 Things to Review Before Buying a Condo on Sanibel

Whether you’ve purchased a property in the past year, or it’s been 20 years since you’ve been through the home buying process, purchasing a condo on Sanibel presents it’s own unique set of circumstances.

There are usually questions about insurance and association fees, rules and regulations, and of course rental restrictions. So, to help you through the process, I’ve listed six things to become familiar with before you sign the line on your own Sanibel condo purchase agreement.

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Buying a Condo on Sanibel?

6 Things You Need To Review:

#1. Lender Approval – First and foremost, you should check with your bank or mortgage lender to make sure you will be able to receive financing on this particular condo. Not all banks will approve of what they consider “condo/hotels” here on the island. Aside from your bank back home, we suggest speaking with one of our local lenders, as they are more familiar with the island’s real estate market. I’m happy to share their contact information with you… click here to shoot me a quick email.

#2. Rental Restrictions – This is often the first question I’m asked by homebuyers — What are the rental and/or pet restrictions associated with “said” condo? Luckily, my talented husband, Jim, has created our very own Sanibel Condo Guide, which shares a lot of good info on each condo – including rental and pet restrictions! For more detailed info. on each condo’s restrictions, I usually call the condo association directly to make sure all of your questions are answered thoroughly.

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#3. Condo Documents – Before closing, you will receive the complete booklet of condo documents to review. The “condo docs” as we call them, usually contain detailed information on the condo association’s rules and regulations, amendments and declarations, financials, and other FAQs. You’ll have three full days to review the documents and ask questions before your closing date.

#4. Upcoming Assessments – Aside from reading the condo documents and understanding the rental restrictions, it’s important that you ask about any upcoming assessments the association may have in place. Not to worry, Trish, our contract-to-close coordinator helps with this process. She calls the condo association directly to make sure no unforeseen expenses pop up just before or after closing that you weren’t aware of beforehand.

condo on sanibel

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#5. Onsite Rental Management – As you may already know, some condos on Sanibel have onsite management companies that handle the rental process from A to Z. You should ask whether your condo has on-site management or not, and if it is optional or required that you use their program. If it’s not required, I suggest calling a few different rental management companies on island, and interview them to see which is the best fit for you. Again, feel free to shoot me an email, and I’d be happy to pass along the names and numbers of a few companies here on island.

#6. Prior Rental Agreements – Last but certainly not least, you should be aware of any prior rental agreements that must be honored up to and after the sale of the condo unit. Asking about this early in the process allows time for clarification and agreement. It’s important to make sure everyone (the buyers, the sellers, and the renters) is on the same page before the transaction occurs.

I hope this helps paint a good picture of what to look for when purchasing a condo on Sanibel Island. While there are many moving pieces, our team members are very familiar with the process, and are here to help you through every step of the way. As always, if you have questions about buying on Sanibel, or about a particular condo complex, feel free to call or email me at 239-472-1950, or susan@mccallionrealty.com.

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