Does Southwest Florida Have Fall?

Everyone knows Florida as the sunshine state of “endless summer,” almost always boasting warm weather and clear blue skies. So what happens when the clock falls back and the rest of the country starts celebrating their favorite season: Fall.

Fall“Does Southwest Florida even have Fall?” I asked myself, when I saw that Wednesday, September 23 marks the first official day of Fall this year. While my friends and family back in Maryland are breaking out their scarves and Fall boot collection, my closet is still lined with sandals and Summer dresses.

So, what can I expect from my first Florida Fall?

I expect the leaves won’t change color and fall any more than usual. But that’s probably for the best, since palm tree fronds would be much harder to rake than the piles of small red and orange leaves I used to rake in my parents front yard. 


I expect that I won’t need scarves, jackets, or to use my car’s heated seats during my morning commute. However, temperatures will eventually cool down to the mid-70’s, which means even more reason to spend time outside.

I expect the days will get shorter, just like everywhere else. But this is especially exciting for Southwest Floridians, because you can catch amazing sunsets with beautiful red and orange Fall colors.


I don’t expect to pick my pumpkin from the vine. However, there are a number of Fall festivals and farmers markets that sell pre-picked pumpkins for fun Fall decorating. Check out our list of Southwest Florida Fall Events

I expect there to be Halloween parties and trick-or-treating. And the best part is, you can dress as any character you want and not worry about having to layer up to stay warm.

Last but certainly not least, I expect there to be PUMPKIN-SPICED EVERYTHING. This is a nation-wide Fall craze, not exempt in Florida. Trust me, I’ve already sampled local pumpkin flavored donuts, pumpkin-spice coffee and pumpkin ale – delish!

Looks like Florida Fall isn’t going to be dull at all!


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