Your Guide To Florida Furniture & Coastal Decor

Does Coastal Living magazine have you excited to go shopping for fun coastal decor?? Maybe you already have a Pinterest board filled with great examples of fabulously decorated beach homes.

Sure, you could hit Amazon and probably find some great nautical pillows and tropical wall-paper. But it’s more fun to shop our local stores for great Florida-style furniture and decor with island-flare!

So, here’s our guide to a few local places to shop on island and just across the Causeway, or “in town” as we call it. I’m sure we missed a few great shops, so feel free to email me your favorite places nearby! (

Florida Furniture

Norris Furniture & Interiors – This family owned and operated company has been around since 1983. Besides high-quality furniture, they also offer custom upholstery, blinds, shutters, and bed linens. Visit them on Sanibel, in Fort Myers, Naples or Sarasota!

Click here to visit Norris Furniture & Interiors website.

Robb & Stucky – With deep roots dating back to the early years of establishment for the town of Fort Myers, Virgil Robb and Harry Stucky worked together to provide local furnishings for some big-name customers such as the Ford’s and the Edison’s. Today’s Robb & Stucky offers complimentary designs services, modern furniture and amazing showrooms in Fort Myers, Naples, Sarasota, Coral Gables, and Boca Raton.

Click here to visit the Robb & Stucky website.

Coastal Decor

Sanibel Home Furnishings – Looking for sunny yellows, seaside blues, sunset corals and luscious greens? You’ll find them at Sanibel Home Furnishings! The store offers an array of products from casual to formal and is a great place to stop for fun island-style decor.

Click here to visit Sanibel Home Furnishings website.

Wilford & Lee – Don’t you wish you could walk in a store and find decor organized by color? At Wilford & Lee you can! These stores carry so many great items that you might actually become overwhelmed in a nautical spell of excitement. It’s happened to us. But we love shopping at Wilford & Lee both on island and over in Fort Myers.

Click here to visit the Wilford & Lee website.

There are a number of shops on Sanibel and in town that you can visit to search for that perfect lamp or nautical piece for the nightstand. So before you hop on Amazon, take a drive and enjoy browsing the aisles!

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