Island Living

Why I love living and raising my family on Sanibel Island

We Love The Sanibel Rec Center!

I know we’ve talked about our love for the Sanibel School, but I would be remiss to not mention our equal love and appreciation for the Sanibel Recreation Center!

Sanibel Restaurants with Dockage

Nothing beats a long day on the water like being able to tie up to a dock and sit down to enjoy a nice meal at one of these waterfront restaurants.

All About Strangler Figs

Strangler Figs, you’ve seen them wrapped around the trees on island, and maybe never thought much about them.

The New White Kitchen Is Gray

White kitchens have certainly made a come back from their prime time in the 90s. But with a twist, gray!

What Does Hurricane Season Mean for Sanibel?

Almost every area in the U.S. is subject to some type of natural disaster. For Florida, it’s hurricanes. Here’s what you need to know.

Sunflowers on the Beach??

Yes! Maybe you’ve seen them while on a beach walk? The yellow flowers are just one of a number of wild beach flowers.

Sanibel 4th of July Parade

One of my favorite island celebrations is the Sanibel 4th of July Parade! Here’s a glimpse at the Sanibel community pride in action.

7 Sanibel Rainy Day Activities

So, what do you do on island when it rains? There are actually a lot of great options!

The “Sanibel Experience” with Tarpon Bay Explorers

If you’ve ever felt a manatee bump into your kayak you know what I mean. The simple pleasures of getting in touch with nature is what makes Sanibel so desirable.

Sanibel Island Summer Camps 2019

It’s almost that time of year when the school bell rings for the last time! Here’s a list of local Summer camps for the kids, or visiting grandkids to attend on Sanibel Island!