Jim & Susan Move To Paris!


The McCallion Family loves Sanibel Island, and cannot see themselves living anywhere other than this tropical paradise. However, they ARE planning a trip to Paris this month.

In fact, in just a few weeks, the McCallion family will board a plane and head towards the Eiffel Tower. For the four kids, it will be their first international flight!


The Backstory…

Instead of loading up on toys and presents for Christmas last year, Jim and Susan decided to book a memorable vacation together as a family. I remember how excited they were when they found a great deal on airfare to Paris. Susan explained that they wanted to take advantage of having all the kids still living under one roof, as Emily will be going off to college in a year.

The Plans…

The plan is to stay in Paris for seven whole days, and then head down to the scenic Loire Valley for another three days of exploration. Little Abbie McCallion (age 6) is starting to get excited about eating croissants and ordering hot chocolate while in France.

“We plan to eat our way through Paris,” Susan laughs when describing to me their plans.

Emily and Caitlyn are eager to shop for clothes and accessories while in Paris, one of the fashion capital’s of the world! They plan to visit H&M Paris, which carries a special line of clothing not found in the U.S., and also visit a few other boutique shops along the way.

It’s safe to say they will certainly be the most fashionable chicas in their class next school year!


Andrew is looking forward to boating on the Loire Valley, taking in the candid scenery along the way. He’s also hoping for the chance to stay in an old Château (castle) while visiting the area.

Jim, of course, is thrilled to sample classic French wines while abroad. You can bet he will be photographing the trip with his Nikon, capturing the beautiful scenery, historic landmarks, and of course family memories being made.

mccallion-paris-trip-map copy

The entire family is jazzed to visit the “must see” activities such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles and a few other notable art museums and galleries.

Susan is especially looking forward to walking the gardens of Versailles, and immersing herself in the lifestyle and beauty of Paris.


Having visited many of these great attractions when I was Emily’s age, I can say it will certainly be a trip they will all cherish and remember. I’m super excited to hear all about it!

Have you been to Paris? We’d love to hear your experiences and any suggestions you have for the McCallion family. Feel free to email us at team@mccallionrealty.com!

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