Lavish Lanai Living

It’s my guess that you enjoy living on a beautiful barrier island because you love being outdoors, soaking in the sunshine and savoring the unique sights and sounds of Sanibel. You likely have an outdoor lanai or balcony where you go for much needed R&R, or at least have a friend whose lanai you crash every now and then. Hey, I’m not judging you!

Because I too love outdoor lanai’s, I thought I’d share a few photos I found online of lavish lanai set-ups that wowed me. These may or may not be “your style” per se, most are not even located in Southwest Florida – However, they are great inspiration for your own lanai on Sanibel. They were interesting to me, and I bet you’ll find them intriguing too!

This Is Lavish Lanai Living


There’s something about twilight photos that make lanai’s look even more Glamorous. I love the ceiling fans and multi-area lounge stations in this outdoor oasis. Colored pool lights are also fun for entertaining or matching the pool color to your current mood… if you’re into that sort of thing.

Lights. Camera. Action.


As if twilight photos weren’t cool enough, adding lights to your outdoor area gives it an exciting “pop” of charisma. I should note, however, since Sanibel is a sanctuary island that we happily share with the island’s native wildlife creatures, you must remain mindful of how many lights you have in and around your yard. Click here to read more about Sanibel’s Dark Sky Ordinance.

A Whole New Meaning To “Eating Out”


Who says dining rooms have to be inside? If you have the space, take your whole kitchen and dining room outside with you. This lavish lanai is perfect for those 8 months out of the year where its not too hot  for the Northerns in the Summer or too cold for the Southerners in the Winter.

Don’t Forget The Backsplash!


Speaking of outdoor kitchens… don’t limit your lanai to a measly grill and mini fridge. This lanai’s vibrant backsplash, countertops and cabinetry add color to the outdoor space (and might also to make you seasick if stared at too long). But nonetheless, I love the idea of a colorful outdoor kitchen.

And Don’t Forget The Greenery…


So maybe a pool isn’t your thing. You could always create an inclosed park in your outdoor lanai! Bringing plants and palm trees inside your lanai helps connect the space with the rest of the landscaping on your property. Just be sure the plants receive the proper amount of soil, sunlight and water for survival in their new environment.

Why Go To The SPA?


…when you can create one in your backyard! Adding a pergola with large lounge chairs is the perfect addition to any size yard. Surround yourself with native vegetation and you have yourself a true island oasis. Wondering what plants are native to Sanibel? Here’s a slideshow from to get you started.

Because Everyone Should Have One


Okay, I couldn’t help but include this awesome picnic table that everyone should have in their life. This is perfect for entertaining large parties, or even just having casual family dinners outside. But please don’t saw a hole into your table just yet! At least watch this YouTube video from The Home Depot first.

I hope you enjoyed these lavish lanai’s as much as I did! I’d love to see some photos of your own lanai projects. You can email them to or share them on your McCallion & McCallion Facebook Page!

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