McCallion Team Sets Sail For Stormy Sunset

What better team bonding experience than sailing in the rain to see the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico? Luckily for us, it only rained in the beginning of our two hour sunset cruise aboard the Adventure catamaran.


“You might get a little wet,” Captain John from Captiva Cruises warned us before we departed. He gave us the option of boarding the Lady Chadwick, their covered ferry boat instead. “Heck no, let’s sail!,” we all agreed, and so we untied the lines and departed South Seas Island Resort.

If you haven’t been to South Seas, keep driving all the way up to the northern tip of Captiva Island. You must find a reason to go. Enjoying a sunset sail on Captiva Cruises is a mighty good reason if you ask me!


South Seas is beautiful with tropical landscaping, a gorgeous golf course, long beaches, a vibrant marina, and lots of amenities. You’ll see bunnies, birds, dolphins and manatees along the property. In fact, a manatee family greeted us at the marina as we waited to board the boat.


Captain John and Elliott from Captiva Cruises were great guides, especially since we dragged them out there in the rain. And our team, of course, was just as jolly as usual. Maybe the wine and appetizers helped with that. 

We all enjoy getting together with our spouses at least once or twice a year to catch up on life. It’s apart of what makes our McCallion Team unique. Thanks Jim and Susan for hosting fun adventures for us!


As our cruise came to an end, the skies cleared for a colorful sunset on the horizon, which never gets old – even to us locals. We toasted to the day’s spectacular ending, and were reminded of how lucky we are to live and work in this tropical paradise.


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