Morning Beach Surprise

Even after visiting and living here most of my life, Sanibel still amazes me.

Last week Susan and I enjoyed an early morning walk on the beach. Still tired, my bleary eyes barely registered the brownish cloud of water that was apparent a few feet from shore. This didn’t seem notable as occasionally clumps of brownish seaweed wash ashore. But some twenty minutes later, I suddenly stopped, realizing the brown ribbon of water had stretched as a nearly continuous 20 foot wide band for our entire walk. That’s a whole lot of seaweed – but the beach was clear of any washed up debris.

Dark cloud in water off Sanibel beach

Dark cloud in water off Sanibel beach

My curiousity aroused, I ventured into the water for a closer look. The miles-long ribbon was not seaweed, but fish! Millions of 3 inch minnow-like fish swimming so close together as to give the appearance of a solid shape in the water. The shear density and size of the school was astounding.

Why had they gathered like this just off the beach? Does anyone have ideas as to what kind of fish they could be? Please email me if you do.

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Meet the "Marketing Megaphone" and Webmaster behind McCallion & McCallion. After selling his software company, Jim, Susan and kids moved to Sanibel in 2008. With his tech experience, he and Susan bring a fresh approach to island real estate.