Before & After – The Power of Minor Upgrades

The power of minor upgrades. It’s one of my favorite topics or “pro tips” to share with fellow island homeowners who are considering putting their home on the market. I’m not talking about a complete renovation or grand HGTV home makeover. While we all love to watch those amazing home transformations, it’s usually not something I would suggest for a homeowner looking to sell. 

I’ve seen instances where sellers spend thousands on major “upgrades” that did not provide a good return on their investment. I’ve also seen the opposite, where sellers could have spent a couple of hundred dollars to increase their property’s value, but instead chose to not upgrade or fix a flaw, which in turn cost them a few thousand in negotiations from homebuyers. 

It’s a science.

Finding that sweet spot for ROI on your upgrades can be a challenge. It’s a conversation you should have with an experienced Realtor® who is able to tell you exactly what homebuyers expect when they pull into your driveway. 

Master Bedroom BEFORE

You’d be surprised at how a few minor updates can make a big difference not only for those potential buyers walking through your home but in attracting them to your property in the first place.

Master Bedroom AFTER

For example, in the before and after photos I’ve included, look at the difference a simple paint job and change of bedding made for the master bedroom of this Sanibel condo. If your home or condo still has white walls, try adding a light, neutral color!

Kitchen BEFORE

In the kitchen, the original Formica countertops were replaced with a nice, light-colored granite countertop. Adding one of those peel-and-stick backsplashes or painting a contrasting color on the wall would have made those countertops pop even more. I’ve learned that painting your cabinets and replacing a countertop can change the entire feel of a kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank on a complete renovation. 

Kitchen AFTER

Light fixtures, area rugs, and island decor can be other ways to spruce up your place after putting a fresh coat of paint on the walls. These projects can even be fun as you browse online for inspiration or pick up the latest edition of Coastal Living Magazine. Just be careful not to go overboard with the updates.

Use a professional

Again, it’s a great idea to invite a third-party professional with years of experience in selling real estate to walk through your home and discuss minor upgrades. I wouldn’t wait until the week before you wish to list your home to have this conversation either. Scheduling painters and handymen will become more challenging as our busy season approaches. So don’t wait! 

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