The Magic of the Sanibel Causeway

Sanibel Causeway at Sunrise

The Sanibel Causeway evokes an emotional response in even our most stoic visitors. Below are some thoughts from folks that cross it often.

Jim McCallion, Marketing Director at McCallion & McCallion

Most bridges simply allow you to travel from one side of an obstacle to another. But the Sanibel Causeway transports me in so many more ways than the physical.

crossing the Sanibel Causeway

Wide open views of water and sky, graceful birds gliding on invisible updrafts, kite surfers and wind surfers dancing in the waves – taking this in moves me both emotionally and spiritually. I immediately feel the peace of a more relaxed state of mind. A weight is lifted off my shoulders. The expanse of sky and water are so vivid they beautify in ways no photo could capture. I become more aware of the Earth and Nature. I know this sounds corny, but I feel more centered after crossing these magical three miles to the island I love.

Tiffany Mills, Marketing Coordinator at McCallion & McCallion

Crossing the Causeway onto Sanibel Island you experience a wave of emotions. As a Fort Myer’s resident working on the island, the causeway starts my day with a breath of fresh air. I’m able to leave any troubles or worries at the booth, and feel the sun get brighter as I climb to the top of the bridge. Peeping over the bridge’s highest point, I’m taken back by the beauty of the Causeway Islands and surrounding crisp blue water.


I watch as the fisherman head out and set their lines for the day. Some travelers stop and park on the Causeway Islands to take in the morning air. 

Returning home in the evening brings its own excitement and feeling of accomplishment with the end of another great day. The Sanibel police direct traffic to the Causeway, and island birds escort you from there. Large pelicans soar beside your car, swooping down for dinner or stopping to see if the fisherman will provide them a snack.

pelican on Sanibel Causeway

The sunburnt boaters head in for the evening, and some travelers have already set out their lawn chairs awaiting the colorful evening sunset. I encourage you to stop and take a moment to take it all in the next time you cross the Causeway – i.e. Sanibel’s doors to paradise. 

Sanibel Causeway Houseboat

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