Sanibel Island Attractions

Things To Do On Sanibel Island

While Sanibel only stretches about 16 miles in length, there sure is a long list of Sanibel Island attractions to visit. With more than half of the island preserved as conservation land, the best attraction on Sanibel Island is the opportunity to view wildlife in their natural habitat.

7 Startling Truths From Sanibel’s Past

By Jim McCallion | Mar 13, 2019

Everyone knows Sanibel as the sleepy little barrier island and favorite family vacation destination, but it’s what you don’t know about Sanibel that’ll make you appreciate our island even more.

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McCallion’s Model Local Island Fashion

By Susan McCallion | Feb 23, 2019

We love our local boutique shops on Sanibel! So much so that Jim and I even volunteered to model clothing from our local shops at the recent Sanibel Community House Association Fashion Show.

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McCallion Team Sets Sail For Stormy Sunset

By Tiffany Stokes | May 31, 2018

What better team bonding experience than sailing in the rain to see the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico? See photos from our recent team outing onboard Captiva Cruises.

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Touring The Bailey Homestead Preserve

By Susan McCallion | Apr 25, 2018

We recently toured the Bailey Homestead, and boy is this little piece of land is packed with Sanibel history! Actually the Bailey Homestead Preserve is 28 acres of Sanibel glory.

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Sanibel Heritage Trail Gets A New Look!

By Tiffany Stokes | Mar 1, 2018

Notice anything different around town? There are 22 new panels along the shared use bike path on Sanibel Island. Click here to find out what they are all about!

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9 Sanibel Bucket List Items

By Susan McCallion | Jul 27, 2017

There’s lots to do on Sanibel Island… but here are a few Bucket List activities you might not have done yet!

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What Exactly Is BIG ARTS?

By Jim McCallion | Jul 20, 2017

It’s another organization on island that you see everywhere, but what is BIG ARTS exactly?

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Sweet Sweet Sanibel Summertime

By Susan McCallion | Jun 21, 2017

Wondering what Summer is like in Southwest Florida and on Sanibel Island? We’ve prepared a Sanibel Summertime Summary just for you!

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Sanibel Sports Activities

Sanibel Sports & Activities

By Tiffany Stokes | Mar 1, 2017

What’s there to do here? We list a few Sanibel Sports & Activities that are popular for islanders and visitors alike.

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The Renovated Sanibel Community House

By Susan McCallion | Jan 12, 2017

We’re extremely excited to see the newly renovated building, which is scheduled to re-open this month!

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