The “Sanibel Experience” with Tarpon Bay Explorers

We don’t often write about or promote specific businesses on island, especially since there are so many 5-star tourism and adventure companies that provide an amazing service to visitors and locals alike. 

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But, after having so many great “Sanibel experiences” at Tarpon Bay Explorers, we couldn’t help but share them with fellow and future islanders like you. Besides, what’s a trip to Sanibel without paddling the back bays or boating the shoreline with eyes glued for a glimpse of unique island wildlife?

The “Natural” Sanibel Experience

If you’ve ever felt a manatee bump into your kayak you know what I mean. The simple pleasures of getting in touch with nature is what makes Sanibel so desirable.

It’s skimming the water at eye-level of dolphins, manatee, jumping fish, and nose-diving pelicans. Looking overhead to watch the osprey land in its nest. Squinting to see what that white glop is in the mangrove over there, and realizing it’s a bunch of ibis siting in the tree.

But let’s be real, it’s also getting too close to a swan and having it hiss “back off” warnings at you. It could also be unwanted sunburned shoulders, even though you put lotion on. Or, losing your hat in the water with that strong unexpected gust of wind on the boat. 

Theses are all experiences we’ve had as Sanibel locals that we wouldn’t trade for any other hometown experience. And a lot of them have happened at Tarpon Bay Explorers! 

We Love Tarpon Bay Explorers

The McCallion family has had a number of outings on kayaks rented from Tarpon Bay Explorers. We’ll go to celebrate birthdays, holidays, or just random days off from school.

If you have your own kayak, you can pay to launch them there too. The location along Tarpon Bay just east of Ding Darling is a great place for exploring the back bays and creeks by kayak, canoe or paddle board. There are a number of marked trails to keep you from getting too lost in the mangroves.

Of course, they offer guided tours targeting different experiences at different times of day. Tarpon Bay Explorers even has a tram tour of Ding Darling that I forgot about. They offer fishing charters, pontoon rentals, hobie kayak rentals, and even bike rentals. 

Not to mention, if you bike to Tarpon Bay for your rental, you get a free gift! And, 15% of your spend at Tarpon Bay Explorers goes to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Photo Courtesy Tarpon Bay Explorers Facebook

If you haven’t been, you should check them out when looking for a fun activity for the family or even a group of friends. Check them out at or take Tarpon Bay Road all the way north until you can’t go any further. 

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