You Gotta Love Sanibel Mailboxes!

I remember when I first explored the island, one of the first things that caught my attention were the crafty nautical Sanibel mailboxes scattered throughout the neighborhoods. How cute!

Sanibel Mailboxes

Crafty Sanibel Mailboxes

There were dolphin and manatee shaped mailboxes, some with sailor men at the post base and pelicans sitting on top of the box. Some had white cut outs of a sea turtles, palm trees and birds attached to the poll. Other’s had nautical flags, old buoys and painted coconuts scattered at the foot of the mailbox. I drove along, admiring the creativity of each setup.


Talking with the ladies in the office, I found out that many homeowners purchase the mailboxes and accessories in home goods stores or local craft stores. Some go as far as to hand-paint and decorate the boxes themselves. I have to admit, those are my favorite!

I love the ones that are decked out in seashells or hand painted with a mermaid and starfish. While they might not be as “elegant” or well-put together as some of the others, I can’t help but to smile and appreciate the creativity the homeowner put into their box.

Sanibel Mailboxes

These crafty Sanibel mailboxes show just how enthusiastic residents are about our special islands. Sanibel and Captiva are truly a unique place to call home or “second home” for many, and these crafty mailboxes are just a glimpse of the fun, local, beachy vibe of the Sanibel community.

What Are Your Favorite Sanibel Mailboxes?

So, the next time you’re driving around, snap some photos of your favorite Sanibel mailboxes! We’d love to see which ones you find. Oh, and the next time you’re at the Sanibel Post Office, check out their mailbox photo collage on the wall. They have the best of the best, since obviously, they’ve seen them all!

Sanibel Mailboxes

Here are a few more of the fun Sanibel mailboxes I found on a recent island excursion:

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