The New White Kitchen Is Gray

What’s timeless, fits almost any era, and feels fresh and clean? The white kitchen! It’s made it’s rounds throughout the years, with mixed feelings by some generations, I know.  

It was all the rage in the 90’s, then took a backseat to the darker wood tones that made a comeback in the early 2000’s. Now, the new, clean minimalism kitchen has brought back the white kitchen, but with a twist… gray!

Personally, I think this a good compromise of the starch, bright white kitchens that can sometimes feel cold and unwelcoming. With gray being a neutral color, it blends well with other coastal colors we might choose to accent our island homes, without the pop of color being too harsh of a contrast in an all white kitchen. 

What Type of Gray Are We Talking About?

There are actually 256 shades of gray, according to a quick google search. From pale oyster to deep charcoal and everything in between. Experts suggest a combination of two grays can be the perfect addition to a kitchen. Make it easy by combining two shades of gray that are already together on a paint chip strip. Trust me, color choosing can quickly become overwhelming. 

Where Do We Put It?

Adding gray to a kitchen island or to the bottom cabinets can be all you need to add some depth to your kitchen. For your cabinets, try a medium gray on the exterior cabinets and a paler shade inside. For white kitchens with glass fronts, add a coat of deep gray inside the cabinets to make featured dish-ware stand out.

Don’t want to paint your cabinets? No worries, consider painting a wall. The gray background can help perk up the heaviness of wood cabinets without covering up their natural beauty.

Feeling bold? 

Blue grays and almost black grays are a great way to pick up and accent veining in marble counter tops. I’d hesitate to paint an entire wall dark gray, however. Take to the internet for tips, tricks and inspiration. And don’t forget the power of hiring an interior designer, even if it’s just for an hour or two’s worth of advice. 

Already using gray?? Look at you, trendsetter! We’d love to see your use of gray in your kitchen. Send us your photos and advice at, or share on our McCallion & McCallion Facebook page! 

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