What Sanibel Doesn’t Have

I want to share the story of my client Gerald.

Gerald wanted a get-away home on the Gulf Coast of Florida, but didn’t know exactly where. When I spoke with him, he was concerned about “Quality”. He desired a quality condo with quality construction, quality finishes, and in a ‘quality’ neighborhood.

No problem, I thought, Sanibel has plenty of quality condos.

Not only were Gerald and his wife going to use the property for a few weeks a year, but they were planning to share it with their employees, business associates and friends.

A few weeks before his visit, I called to check in. Gerald confessed that he and his wife couldn’t find a suitable hotel on the island and were instead staying at the Waldorf-Astoria in Naples. Wow.

Sanibel Doesn’t have a Waldorf Astoria,
and I don’t think it ever will.

Then it clicked. When Gerald asked for ‘Quality’ he was sharing his style of luxury. He wanted marble paved lobbies, concierge service, lofty balcony views, a gate-house and manicured grounds. He wanted a building that would impress the folks he was going to share it with.

I knew then that Sanibel wasn’t for Jerry.

LUXURY: a condition of abundance
or great ease and comfort


It’s not that Sanibel isn’t luxurious, but it offers a different style of luxury. We have abundance, ease and comfort – in the forms of open skies, quiet beaches and living a bit closer to nature, in a community that values a more peaceful pace to life.

Naples high rise condo

Some Naples condos offer luxury amenities, but are large and can be far from the beaches

I recommended a quality Realtor I know in Naples, and Jerry ended up purchasing in a newer Naples high rise. His definition of luxury trumped being near the beach. This was the right decision for him. Everyone has their own values and I’m glad he found what he was seeking.

Sanibel luxury condo

Sanibel only has low rise condos and provide a relaxed, beach front lifestyle.

For me, everytime I cross the causeway coming home to our island, I breathe in a sigh of contentment. I never grow tired of the view: the wide blue sky, the sun (or moon) reflected on the water, the boats and sailboarders, pelicans gliding alongside and dolphins playing below. This is abundance, ease and comfort for me.

What about you? What style of luxury are you seeking?

If Sanibel isn’t your cup of tea, I can still help. I am familiar with South Florida Gulf Coast communities and am happy to share what I know. I also belong to a network of highly professional Realtors and could recommend a top quality agent to help you.

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