6 Spring Cleaning Tasks To Tackle

We experience it around this time every year – the call for “Spring Cleaning.” If you’re like us, the thought of taking an entire weekend to clean the whole house is daunting. But, since we’re all currently quarantined to our homes, we can actually spread it out and tackle a few tasks each day. It’s not the most exciting part of homeownership… but we all know that it’s totally worth it in the end. 

There are tons of articles and suggestions on Spring Cleaning and how to clean those “hardly cleaned” spaces in your house, such as the windowsills or under the couch. However, we’re taking it a step further and thinking outside the box to highlight a few spring cleaning exercises that’ll help prepare your home for future buyers, even if you’re not looking to sell right away.

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Sellers:

Power Wash! 

Pressure wash your house siding, carport, walkways, and patios. Getting rid of the grime that builds up over the years gives your home great curb appeal compared to your neighbors or other homes on the market. And it’s super satisfying to watch.

Scrub The Grout 

Scrub between the tiles of your shower, backsplash, and flooring. This takes some elbow grease, or at least a good scouring pad and some tough cleaning solution. But scrubbing those hard to reach places makes a world of a difference in how bright and clean your kitchen and bathrooms will look afterward.

Clean high! 

Dust and wipe those hard to reach windows, ceiling fan blades, and blinds. You want as much sunlight to come inside as possible to make your space light and bright. And you don’t want to showcase your dust bunny collection in the process. 

Clean low! 

Reach down to get that layer of dust off the baseboards. Or better yet, give this task to one of your kids! You’ll be surprised at how dirty crown molding can get overtime. 

Closet Reduction

Reduce the number of clothes in your closet. It feels great to downsize and donate some of the items you haven’t worn in the past year! But if you would rather not let go of things, you can still declutter by packing away those winter boots and sweat pants. The more space you free up, the bigger the closet looks to potential buyers.

Yard Work

What’s Spring Cleaning without yard work? Pull the weeds, lay new mulch and trim the bushes. Create a grand entrance at the front door with a nice planter and welcome mat. Remember the importance of first impressions!

Of course, we don’t expect you to tackle it all in one weekend. We encourage you to take it a step at a time, there’s no rush to getting your Spring Cleaning done… just try to complete it before Summer rolls around (June 20, 2020 – you’ve got this!).

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