How’s The Weather on Sanibel?

Snowbirds Welcome Sanibel Island Weather

During the winter months, it’s pretty cold up north and many people flock to Southwest Florida to thaw out. Down south, we call these people “snow birds” and we warmly welcome them to paradise.

Snow Birds

Photo courtesy of Gabe Clogston

We encourage visitors to leave their winter parkas behind, because here on Sanibel Island, it rarely gets cold. When the temperature drops below 50 degrees, it doesn’t stay there long. Since we live on an island, the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico insulate us and keep us warmer than areas inland.

Current Sanibel Weather Conditions

Enjoy the live beach view from Sanibel Island to get a feel for our current weather conditions.

Camera Image
What is Sanibel Island Weather like?

The average temperatures for the winter months range from a low of 49 – 55 degrees to a high between  75 – 80 degrees. On cool mornings, the temperature quickly rises with the sun, and the average daily temperature lingers around 70 degrees. Surprisingly, the temperature in the summer months rarely reaches 100 degrees.  While the air is humid, temperatures hang between 75 – 90 degrees. 

Sanibel Island Weather Graph

Sanibel Average High Temperatures and Rainfall

Does Sanibel have Seasons?

We like to say that we have a wet season and a dry season. Our wet season runs from June through November, with June, July and August being the wettest months. Winter is our dry season, so, when it’s snowing up north, it’s dry and warm here. That’s right, sunny and 75!

Sanibel Island Weather

So, pack your bags!

If you love the outdoors, Florida, and especially Sanibel is a great place to visit. Sanibel island is perfect for bird watching, bicycling, running or just lounging with a good book. The best part – you can enjoy these activities all year around. 

So now that you have an idea of what the temperature is like, you can start packing. Be sure to bring along sunscreen!

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