Looking for a Beach House for sale in Florida?

Finding the right beach house for sale in Florida can be overwhelming – especially if you are searching remotely. There are many different Florida beach communities, the trick is to narrow your search down areas right for you.

Before searching endless listings –
Narrow your focus to the right community

Too many folks waste countless hours searching through endless listings, trying to find the right beach house for sale in Florida. Use FOCUS to find a deal on a Florida beach home:

beach house for sale in Florida

Beach house for sale on Sanibel Island, Florida

1. Why do you want a beach house?
2. What qualities make an ideal community?
3. Identify the best communities
4. Use a Realtor early in your search
5. Consider a Sanibel beach home!

Why do you want a beach house?

Identify your top 3 motivations for looking for a beach house for sale in Florida. Use this to gain clarity in your search. For instance, my family’s motivations were: 1) escape the hustle of city living, 2) find a wholesome community to raise our kids, 3) experience nature in our everyday lives.

What qualities make an ideal community?

Once you have identified your top motivations, now use them to name community qualities that support your goals. Again, using our family’s search as an example, we wanted: 1) laid-back community that wasn’t too rural, 2) great public schools, kid friendly community with professional role-models, 3) natural setting with conservation land and parks and preservation minded community.

Identify the best communities

Now that you have a clear set of requirements, do your research. You can get a good feel about different communities using web. Search Google for info from local tourist organizations, chambers of commerce and Wikipedia. Do you want to be close to a city, or in a remote location? Are schools important? Do you want luxury or relaxed? Develop a short list and visit them on vacation.

Use Google Maps to find a beach house community

Scan the coastline for promising beach house communities

We had an advantage in our search because we lived in Florida and had vacationed in several beach towns, but Florida has an extensive coast and we researched carefully. First, we used Google maps to scan the coasts of Florida, avoiding cities, suburbs or places too far from a major airport or mid-sized town. A ‘sense of community’ was important to us, and from our experience, we knew an island house would be our first choice. Researching top schools moved Sanibel Island to the top of our list. Finally, we vacationed in a few towns unfamiliar to us. This confirmed what we already knew: Sanibel was the right beach community for us.

Use a Realtor early in your search

This may sound self-serving, but you need an advisor to help find the best beach home for sale. A good Realtor can save you time and point out opportunities you might otherwise miss. With listings available on the web, many folks go-it-alone until the end, but this is a huge mistake. Qualified Florida Realtors share a wealth of knowledge about the local market and important considerations you cannot gleam from listing data: flood and windstorm insurance issues, zoning, neighborhood, tax issues, and property conditions to name a few.

Consider a Sanibel beach home!

Our family loves living on Sanibel, and if you value similar qualities then consider our island when looking for a beach house for sale in Florida. Click the links below to explore Sanibel beach homes for sale.

Find your beach house for sale in Florida: