Confession of a Work-A-Holic

So, when we moved to Sanibel, we told ourselves that we would take advantage of living on a vacation island everyday. It didn’t happen…at least not right away. Life and work find a way to keep you frantic if you let it. We brought our habits with us, and they have proven more difficult to shed than it was to sell our old home.

Don’t misunderstand me, moving to Sanibel was literally a breath of fresh air. We have great friends, our kids are happy, our family enjoys the multitude of island events and activities. But during the week, we work, shuttle the kids to school and activities, and work some more.

Sanibel Island Beach

Abbie loves birds!

Now, Susan and I have adopted a new habit. We take morning walks on the beach. After the kids load up on the school bus, we sneak off for our morning indulgence. We don’t pull it off everyday, but we try and it has made a difference.

Sanibel Island Beach

Low tide near Lighthouse Beach on Sanibel Island

For me, walking the divider between earth and sea is a bit mystical – especially during the early morning when the air feels new, the world colored by the dawn light, the subdued gulf laps gently and sea birds are still.

Sanibel Island Beach

Dawn at Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island

These walks help center me for the day. They are a time for Susan and I to share. Sometimes we talk, sometimes we walk quietly. But always we are together.

Recent snaps from my iPhone above and below:

Sanibel Island Beach

Tide rushing in

Sanibel Island Beach

Bowman's Beach on Sanibel after a storm

Sanibel Island Beach

Susan and Abbie enjoying a walk on a Sanibel beach

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