Have You Seen Sanibel’s Wild Side?

No, I’m not talking about crowds of party animals, lights, loud music and night life. I’m talking about Sanibel’s TRUE WILD SIDE… the unique wildlife swimming along the canals, or roaming the preserves, and sometimes crossing the street, bringing traffic to a halt.

Have you seen and experienced the beauty of our island’s nature and wildlife first handedly? I have to admit, the first time seeing a large manatee or even a live gator will definitely make your heart beat a little faster! But, having the opportunity to see these animals in their natural habitat is an amazing experience – one that’s very unique to our islands.


If Wildlife Isn’t Your “Thing”

Don’t worry, if you’re not exactly thrilled to have wild animals in your backyard, there are areas of the island that have less wildlife activity. Maybe a home or condo along the Gulf is more up your alley!

But, the truth is that the good majority of single family homes here on the island are likely to have a handful of native birds and other wildlife animals stroll by on occasion. Just remember the old saying, “If you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you!”


For the Wildlife Lovers

For those of you who enjoy the thrill of new wildlife sightings, you’ll love scrolling through the blog that one of my past clients and now dear friend, Beverly Henson, has started about the wildlife she has seen and photographed on the island. Bev’s property backs up to a nature and wildlife trail that receives a lot of activity from animals passing by. She’s even set up a wildlife camera along the trail that catches the movement of bobcats, birds, iguana, rabbits, otters and much, much more!

Click here to view her blog, Wild on Sanibel.

A gifted photographer, Beverly enjoys touring the island and capturing “picture-perfect” shots of Sanibel’s unique birds, shells, plants and wildlife. Her work is so stellar, in fact, that she has won a handful of awards, including the image below, which won 1st place in the Birds Category at the SW Florida Audubon Society photo contest in April, 2016.


1st Place Photo By Beverly Henson

Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or not, I hope you can enjoy the natural beauty of the island that we sometimes take for granted living here. Where else can you watch ospreys and reptiles from your back porch, and bike a few miles to a nature preservation or the beach to capture images of rare pelicans and other wildlife?

If you have wildlife photos I’d love to see them! Email me your photos at susan@mccallionrealty.com or feel free to share them on our McCallion Facebook Page.

Enjoy a few more shots from Beverly’s collection below, and be sure to visit her website Wild on Sanibel.

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