See Tropical Storm Isaac on Sanibel Island [Videos]

Isaac on Sanibel Island Beach

Tropical Storm Isaac Causes Little Damage,
Some Flooding on Sanibel [Videos Below]

Isaac passed Sanibel far to the West. We experienced gusty winds and rain, but our main concern was the storm surge. To see first hand how Tropical Storm Isaac was affecting our island, Susan and I took a driving tour.

The Good News

We didn’t see any wind damage and very few downed branches. Also, the storm surge associated with Tropical Storm Isaac was forecasted to be only about 2 feet.

The Bad News

Unfortunately the storm surge peaked near high tide, so it pushed water above some sea walls and submerged our beaches, but not enough to damage any homes.

Hurricane Isaac on Sanibel Island

Isaac's storm surge pushed water over some sea walls

VIDEO: Tropical Storm Isaac Affects Sanibel Beach

Isaac’s storm surge will result, I expect, in erosion along our beaches and bay side homes that do not have seawalls. In fact, one home I visited on the bay had a good portion of the yard underwater and bushes and grass were being washed away.

hurricane isaac sanibel island

The storm surge just crested over the sea wall of this bay front home

We stopped at the Sanibel east-end beach at the end of Buttonwood Lane to find the entire beach under water. The waves were reaching the boardwalk and sea oats. The Gulf was turbulent, but fortunately there were no big waves.

All-in-all Sanibel Island was mostly spared by Tropical Storm Isaac.

VIDEO: Isaac Storm Surge on Sanibel – from Bay

Tropical Storm Isaac Local News

Lee County, Collier see little damage from Tropical Storm Isaac
Tropical Storm Isaac brings rain, but little pain to Lee, Collier counties
Isaac on Sanibel and Captiva [Photos]

hurricane isaac sanibel

This Sanibel Island beach was completely submerged by Isaac's storm surge

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