Pet Friendly Condos on Sanibel

Sanibel is one of a very small handful of pet-friendly beaches here in Southwest Florida. However, it’s important to note that not all condos on island are as welcoming of pets. In fact, each condo has its own association that decides the rules and regulations regarding pets.

If it were up to me, I’d say have as many pets as you please! But, that’s just because I have two pooches myself and love animals. With that said, I can appreciate and understand why some condo complex’s have limitations on the number and size of pets. I’m sure we’ve all experienced that one neighbor with the yappy dog that seemed to bark non-stop.


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Here on Sanibel, there are more than 65 condo complexes that allow owners to have pets. Within those complexes, there are different restrictions depending on the condo association. So how can you tell which condos allows pets, which do not?? By using our Sanibel Condo Guide of course!

The Sanibel Condo Guide

My talented husband, Jim, actually researched and designed an interactive guide of every Sanibel Island Condo on our website. Within the Sanibel Condo Guide, you can filter your search to see which complexes allow pets, and if there are any restrictions within the pet policy. Click on the image below to see the condos on Sanibel that allow pets. 

The Sanibel Condo guide is a great resource for beginning your condo search, or comparing and contrasting different complexes that you’ve already narrowed down.

Keep in mind that this a “living document,” so to speak, since condo association rules may change over time. I suggest asking your real estate agent to verify the pet policy when you start viewing properties within a specific complex that interests you.

Condos That Allow Large Pets

For the German Shepard and Great Dane owners out there, we have good news! There are a few complexes that allow dogs over 50lbs. However, when I say a few a mean less than a handful.

From past experience, we have found that Sundial East and West, Seashells of Sanibel, and Island Beach Club are a few of the condos that do not restrict the size and weight of pets allowed.

Click here to see the units currently listed for sale in these complexes.

All Pet-Friendly Condos on Sanibel

If you’d like to see all pet-friendly condos for sale, regardless of the specific pet size restriction, you can do so by clicking here!


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I hope this helps with your quest of finding the perfect Sanibel condo for the entire family. If you would like to receive email updates on properties that come on the market within these pet-friendly condo complexes, I’m happy to set you up.

Simply email us at, and let us know you’d like to be included on the “pet-friendly” condo search.

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