Pick Your Poison Carefully

Sanibel Island is home to a number of unique wildlife birds, animals and reptiles. The island is THIER home, and we humans are just sharing it. At least that’s the rule in which island residents try to abide.

But we understand, when those pesky marsh rabbits eat hundreds of dollars worth of newly planted bushes in your yard, it’s hard not to set off all the rodent poison bombs found on the massive pest control shelf at Home Depot. Trust me, we’ve felt the rabbit rage – click here to read our “Why You Wascally Rabbit” blog from last Spring.

Try To Refrain

However, as stewards of Sanibel’s mission to protect the wildlife and preserve the natural ecology of the island, we have refrained from rodent poisons that have been the cause of major wildlife loss on island, such as that of our barn owls, bobcats, and snakes. While you might think to yourself, “Well, I’m okay with fewer snakes and bobcats,” might I remind you that these creatures help control the population of pesky rabbits and rats that can cause major headaches for your lawn and homes.

We refrain from poisons and instead have tried less-harmful solutions such as putrefied egg juice, which you can read about in our blog linked here. An article on SCCF’s website suggests traps as an alternative to poison, setting them along the perimeter or inside your home. They also suggest having your pest control company inspect your home to close any crevices where rodents could get in. It’s a service most local companies provide.

Definitely Avoid These Poisons

SCCF also listed a handful of the harmful poisons that are found to have killed a number of wildlife animals on island.

Avoid These Poisons:

  • Brodifacoum
  • Bromaiolone
  • Difenacoum
  • Difethialone

The above mentioned are classified as second-generation anticoagulants, which are now banned for use by homeowners by the Environmental Protection Agency, however, pesticide companies can and do still use them. So talk to your pest control company to find out what they are using.

But We NEED Poison

If avoiding poison all together is not an option, please consider using less harmful solutions such as the following suggestions from SCCF.

Less Harmful Poisons

  • Bromethalin
  • Cholecalciferol
  • Zinc phosphide
  • Warfarin

For more information on these poisons, I encourage you to read the blog post that I reference – “Not All Poisons Are Created Equal” by clicking here. SCCF serves as a great resource for any questions you have regarding toxins and poisons vs. wascally rabbits.

Click here to visit the SCCF website
Call SCCF at 239-472-2329

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