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Too Much Stuff

I have a ‘Stuff’ problem. I was told the first step to change is admitting to the problem. So there, I’ve said it.

4 Reasons to Buy Your Retirement Home BEFORE You Retire

I find myself frequently explaining the benefits of buying your retirement home before you retire.

Before & After – The Power of Minor Upgrades

The power of minor upgrades. It’s one of my favorite topics or “pro tips” to share with fellow island homeowners who are considering putting their home on the market.

The Beauty of Sanibel Island

When you live in paradise, you sometimes become numb to the beauty of your hometown.

Find These Documents Before Listing Your Home For Sale

Gathering all of these documents ahead of time can help save time and potential headaches when your home goes under contract.

We Don’t Buy Ugly Houses

You don’t see the “We Buy Ugly Houses” signs on Sanibel street corners. And for good reason…

Sanibel Condos Can Gross $80k Rental Income

How much rental income can a condo on Sanibel generate? Take a look at the average gross rental income.

Use Recent Sales Data To Set Your Asking Price

Preparing your home to go on the market can seem daunting, especially when it comes time to set a price!

East End vs West End vs Mid-Island

Which location on island best suits your lifestyle and needs? Here’s a summary of each.

Do These 7 Home Improvements BEFORE Listing Your Home

Strong curb appeal and a clean interior space are very important when listing your home. Here are 7 home improvement tips for those thinking of selling soon.