Sanibel Community House Renovations Finished!

The Sanibel Community House is a place that’s dear to our hearts as island residents. Jim and I, have attended many events there, and have even helped out with some behind the scenes volunteering. So, as you can imagine, we’re extremely excited to see the newly renovated building, which is just re-opened in January 2017!


Community House Fun-Facts

Did you know the Community House has stood in its original location for 90 years?! It’s a true Sanibel landmark, and a part of many residents and visitors memories here on the island. The Community House holds business meetings and events, personal parties such as weddings and birthday celebrations, along with weekly and monthly scheduled classes and community events.

In fact, nearly 50,000 people attend events and activities at “the House” each year. That’s why the renovation project is such a big deal for us!

What’s Changed?

Updates from the project include a new covered “drop-off” area at the front of Community House, which enhances the appearance and functionality of the building. An enlarged lobby now has access to all three of the larger meeting rooms, improving the scheduling and flow of having multiple events taking place at the same time.


Exciting upgrades for tech-lovers like my husband include the installation of acoustic panels and an acoustic-paneled ceiling throughout the building. There is also improved wi-fi access, and upgraded technology throughout the House. The “Great Hall” now includes a Rotary stage, complete with curtains and versatile stage lighting.

The parking lot also got a face-lift, and the new landscaping will be beautiful I’m sure. The Community House now has a new fire sprinkler system, upgraded bathrooms, and a new meeting space for smaller gatherings. And, did I mention there is now a commercial grade kitchen?! In fact, the kitchen will be used as the official Culinary Education Center of Sanibel Island.

So, What’s In It For Residents?

Besides the nicer facilities and flashy technology, Community House Director, Teresa Riska-Hall, says there will also be new programming opportunities in the Culinary Education Center. Personally, I’m excited for new programs such as learning pot luck dinners, visiting chef demonstrations, and of course, Cooking with the Islands’ Stars. 

As far as a Grand Re-Opening of the House… a celebration is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, February 12, from Noon-5:00pm. Teresa mentioned there are already a number of events on the books for 2017. So, if you are hoping to host an event of your own, be sure to call and schedule it well in advance!


Sanibel Residents, Take Advantage!

I hope you take advantage of this great Sanibel landmark and phenomenal non-profit organization here on the island. If nothing else, I invite you to attend an event or two this year. Gatherings at the House are always a great way to meet new neighbors or chat with visitors, welcoming them to our special island community.


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