Sanibel Heritage Trail Gets A New Look!

Jogging down the shared use path along Periwinkle Way, I stopped near the Sanibel Community Playground to do a few exercises in the field. Right there in front of the Community House I noticed one of the new interpretive panels that the City of Sanibel just recently installed.


As I paused to read the content, another couple had stopped to see what I was doing. “It’s a part of the new and improved Sanibel Heritage Trail,” I explained to the nice people from Wisconsin who were making the most of their Sanibel vacation.

They had just been to the Sanibel Historical Museum & Village the day before, and were rattling off more Sanibel facts and knowledge than I had ever heard… and that’s saying a lot, since, after all, I work with Jim and Susan, who have shared a wealth of Sanibel history with me over the years.

As I continued along my run, I spotted three more of the 22 new interpretive panels that replaced the old worn-out signs along the shared use path. I admit that I’m not a huge history buff, but the face-lift on these displays is attractive and inviting! Or, maybe I’m just easily distracted while running…


Any way, the new panels cover a number of topics that expand upon the information presented at the Sanibel Historical Museum & Village.

Sanibel Heritage Trail Topics Include:

  • Agriculture
  • Architecture
  • Causeway
  • Commerce
  • Community
  • Conservation
  • Education
  • Environment
  • Fishing
  • Governance
  • Hospitality
  • Navigation
  • Pioneers
  • Preservation
  • Racial Integration
  • Recreation
  • Wildlife
  • Worship

While some of the markers are in the same place as the old panels, there are a few new locations spread throughout the island. The map below outlines where the panels are placed, which the Sanibel Planning Department explained are in no particular order.


I plan to try new running routes that will take me past the different panels. After all, exploring the Sanibel Heritage Trail is a great reason to stop and catch my breath.

I hope you get the chance to learn more about Sanibel’s unique history as you stroll about the island too. I hear that the City is still working to improve the panels with a smartphone app and digital map guide. Stay tuned!

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