Sanibel Is My Kind Of Boring

Last month I took my son, Andrew, on a Father-Son ski trip to Colorado for his Spring break. We had a blast hanging out together for a few days. As a bonus, we both returned uninjured!


The Common Question

If you’ve ever been skiing, you’ve probably found yourself chatting with other skiers when riding the lifts, or warming your frozen digits at the shared tables in the on-mountain lunch stops. The conversation almost always starts: “So, where are you from?”

On our third day on the slopes, Andrew and I needed a warm up from the -2° temperatures, so we stopped in for a hot chocolate and joined a table of veteran skiers. Soon, the inevitable question was asked, and since I truly love living on Sanibel Island, I eagerly answered while trying not to be smug.

“Wow, I love that place!,” was the common response we got from other skiers, followed by, “I had a great time there with my family!” Occasionally folks wouldn’t know about our island, so I’d take the opportunity to share more. However, this man only responded flatly, “Oh… I’ve been there.”


“I’ve Been There”

This was not the enthusiasm I was used to, so I dug deeper, “When did you visit? Did you have a good time?”

“I was there last year and…well…” he responded, “It was kind of dull. Actually, to be completely honest, I was bored off my rocker. I didn’t know what to do with myself.” I was taken aback, “Oh, what did you try while on island?” His response, “It seemed like the only things I could do was hang out at the beach or ride a bike.”

I thought to myself, “Exactly! That’s the point. Forced relaxation.”

Lousy 3-Speed

He went on, “Yeah, the beach had no waves and the sportiest bike I could rent was a lousy 3-speed with a fat seat. Plus, the restaurants all closed before 9pm. I couldn’t wait to get out of there.”

Wow. That’s a response I didn’t expect. But, I get it. Sanibel is not a hotbed of adventure sports or late night entertainment. Sanibelian’s enjoy a slower pace, and tend to go to bed early. Sanibel may not be for everyone… but it’s just right for me.


Our Backstory

Prior to moving to Sanibel, Susan and I lived in Miami – about as different a place you could imagine while only being three hours away. Miami life was busy and exciting with lots to do at all hours: concerts, fine dining, art, architecture and surprisingly great mountain biking parks. Most folks didn’t go to dinner until 9pm, then would go out dancing afterwards.

It was great fun, but after nearly 20 years, we had enough. The stress of ever-present crowds, threat of crime, angry driving and constant high energy had worn on us.

Maybe you’ve come from a place where day-to-day living is hectic, and Sanibel is the perfect balm for that high strung living. Island living is unhurried, calmer, and more relaxing. That’s why we’re here. Some may think it’s boring, but Sanibel is my kind of boring.


Jim McCallion About Jim McCallion

Meet the "Marketing Megaphone" and Webmaster behind McCallion & McCallion. After selling his software company, Jim, Susan and kids moved to Sanibel in 2008. With his tech experience, he and Susan bring a fresh approach to island real estate.