Sanibel Sports & Activities

With beautiful weather 3 months out of the year, and perfect weather the other 9 months… there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and get moving here on the island. So, what are some Sanibel sports & activities to get involved in?

Low-Impact Sanibel Sports

Let’s start with some of the low key – low effort activities… though I must warn you, they can get pretty competitive sometimes!

I would go as far as to say Shelling is the #1 sport here on Sanibel! Almost every visitor and resident alike participates in this event… and you have to admit, we’re all competing to find that one special, rare shell – the junonia!

Maybe a little less competitive in nature, but still well attended… Sanibel is full of “birders” who lug around huge cameras and equipment, disguise themselves in neutral colored clothing, and wake up at wee-hours for the chance to get the perfect shot. We love you, Sanibel birders! 🙂

Sanibel Sports Activities

Photo courtesy of Flickr – Lloyd Greene

Popular in Southwest Florida, shuffleboard is a low impact game, perfect for a relaxed sunny afternoon. Players use sticks called “cues” to push weighted discs along the ground, trying to land in specific scoring areas of the shuffleboard triangle.There are a number of shuffleboard courts sprinkled around the island, including a few at Sanibel Community Park near the Community House.

You’ve probably seen people on the beach tossing heavy colorful balls towards a smaller white target ball. This is Bocce ball, a popular game played on the beach or in the grass, usually with team of two or four people.

Sanibel Sports Activities

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I haven’t forgotten about you golfers… wether you are competing amongst your friendly neighborhood rivals, or just putt’n around, there are three great Sanibel Golf Courses to explore on island. Visit “Susan’s Guide To Sanibel Golf Courses” for more information on where to hit the greens.

Action-Packed Sanibel Sports

While that covers a few of the slower paced sports and games on island, lets dive into the more adventurous activities for those who have a knack for action sports!

Starting with arguably the most action-packed activity, kite-boarding and/or windsurfing is a popular sport for windy days. You’ve likely seen the kites flying while driving over the Causeway bridge. These thrill-seekers use the wind to propel themselves across the water.

Sanibel Sports Activities

Photo courtesy of Flickr – Iada Photo

Taking it down a notch, but still equally exhausting, tennis is a popular sport played by islanders of all ages. A number of condos on Sanibel have tennis courts, as do a few of the parks and the recreation center. Join a club, or play with your neighbors, there are quite a few tennis lovers to connect with.

Surrounded by water, of course kayaking and canoeing are popular activities here on this island. While many people have their own equipment, there are a few places to rent paddle gear and launch for a day of fun on the water.

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) has become more and more popular over the past few years. While those who paddle along slowly make it look easy, SUP can be quite a workout and requires a decent amount of balance. If you haven’t yet tried it, you can rent the gear just like you can kayaks and canoes.

Sanibel Sports Activities

Photo courtesy of Flickr – Peter Sandstorm

Triathlons cover three of the other popular sports on Sanibel, biking, running and swimming. Sanibel and Captiva are home to a number of triathletes who regularly participate in all three activities… in one day! Actually, Captiva hosts a triathlon event every year, which is always well-attended by those serious athletes, and those who just like to challenge themselves to finish the race.

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