10 Resources for Sanibel Vacation Rental Home Owners

Own a Sanibel Vacation Rental Home? Congrats! You’re a vacation home landlord.

Sanibel Vacation Rental Home

Since you’re likely managing your vacation rental remotely, here are 10 resources to help you along the way. Even if you’ve hired a vacation rental management company to take care of everything from start to finish, I think you’ll still find the following resources useful in managing your Sanibel vacation rental home.

Resources for Sanibel Vacation Rental Home Owners

  1. Sanibel Real Estate Guide – Vacation Landlord Page 
    Actually, our own website has a page dedicated to Sanibel Vacation Rental Home Owners. On our Vacation Landlord Page, we share all of the articles we’ve written about the topics that most directly affect vacation home owners on Sanibel and Captiva. 
  2. Sanibel Condo Guide
    If you own a condo here on Sanibel, you’ll need to find out if the condo association has any rental restrictions or pet restrictions for renters. Our Sanibel Condo Guide provides you an in-depth look at each condo, their restrictions as well as their amenities.
  3. Guide To Renting Your Vacation Home
    If you’re unfamiliar with the process of renting your home, this resource from HomeAway® is a great place to start. The guide walks you through the entire rental process, helping you decide what level of involvement you’d like to have in managing your vacation home.
  4. Sample Forms, Contracts, and Checklists
    To take it a step further, HomeAway® also offers a list of sample forms, contracts and checklists to give you an idea of how it all comes together. If you hire a management company, they will likely handle all of this for you. However, if you’re managing the process yourself, these can serve as a good guide to get you started. 
  5. Sanibel City Finance Department
    The City of Sanibel requires all vacation homes that generate income to be registered with the City’s Finance Department. You can visit the Financial Department’s webpage here, or call the City at 239-472-3700 to get more information about the process.
  6. Sanibel Bike Safety Video
    Okay, this resource is more helpful for your renters than for your management process, but it’s an important one to share. There are a number of local resources, such as the Sanibel Biking Safety Video, that you can and should provide visitors prior to their arrival on island.
  7. Coastal Living
    Does your vacation home need an update? Costal Living Magazine has a fantastic library of articles with tips on how to tastefully decorate with an island vibe. I enjoy flipping through the magazine to get inspiration and check the latest trends in coastal design. 
  8. VRBO® and HomeAway®
    Even if you don’t end up listing your home on websites such as VRBO® or HomeAway®, you should use these resources as a means of checking out your competition and seeing what other vacation rental properties on the island are going for. Knowing what other Sanibel vacation rental homes are charging and seeing the amenities they offer can help you understand a fair market price for your own rental home. 
  9. Photography Tips
    It’s no secret that most people are booking their vacations online, which means that the photos online are their first impression of your home. This article highlights what you need to know to make sure your home’s photos stand out amongst the rest. 
  10. Our Experts!
    If you’re looking for a local vacation rental management company, or even just a property manager to lend you a hand – give us a shout! We’d be happy to share our experiences and recommendation with you. Don’t hesitate to email team@mccallionrealty.com or call us at 239-472-1950.
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