Sea Serpents and Quiet Nights – Settling in on Sanibel Island

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of welcoming many new homeowners to Sanibel Island. Some come from the Northeastern states, others from the Midwest and some even relocate internationally!

Settling in on Sanibel - Lighthouse

Image: Pete Markham – Flickr

Settling In On Sanibel

One of my favorite things to do is check in with my customers to see how they are settling in on Sanibel. Usually I receive great feedback from gleeful new Sanibelians, still in their “honey-moon” stage as new residents. I love when they share stories about their recent island adventures and wildlife sightings.

Some stories make me laugh out loud, and are too good not to share! In fact, just last week a client shared her story about her first kayak adventure on the island. It was such a great story that she’s given me permission to share with you all!

She writes,

Hi Susan. I am enjoying Sanibel.

Yesterday I took my maiden voyage on my new kayak. It was a little windy and choppy but I was determined to get out there and use my boat in the bay, so I launched at the end of Dixie Beach Road.

I was only five yards from shore when the wind started blowing me onto a big granite rock. I’m thinking, ‘Wow, it’s really shallow out here.’ So, I use my paddle like a pole and I stuck it into that big rock to push off and, out of nowhere…. a sea serpent reared up, nearly knocked me into the bay!

It tore off for deeper water leaving a wake and one very frightened girl from Philly! I think it was a big manatee, at least two or three hundred pounds. It looked like a whale! It was probably just sleeping in the sun until I poked it.

I paddled like crazy back to shore and came home. Whew! What an adventure. I wonder if I still have the receipt for the kayak?”

Haha! We shared laughs over the story and I encouraged her to give it another go the next day. What a great story about first time experiences with some of Sanibel’s unique wildlife and mother nature… Here’s a link to more pictures of our local gentle giants.

Settling in on Sanibel - Manatee

Image: U.S. Fish and Wildlife – Flickr

Our Sanibel Settling Story

I remember when Jim and I first moved to Sanibel. It was a drastic change from the hectic suburbs of Miami! Our kids were young – our oldest had just finished 2nd grade. They had grown up with the background noise and lights of the city – even though we lived in the burbs. When we moved to Sanibel, one of the most shocking things for all of us was how dark and silent it is on Sanibel at night. The complete absence of city noise and dark skies freaked our kids out! We actually spent a number of nights with everyone piled in our bedroom. Since then, our family has come to love these unique features of island living… but it took some getting used to!

Settling in on Sanibel - Beach

Image: Jeremy Heizel – Flickr

Did you have a similar experience when you moved on-island? I’d love for you to email me your “Sanibel Settling Story” or share with us on Facebook! I enjoy reading and learning new things with each and every experience you share. Thanks for making my job so fun and rewarding!

P.S. – Keep an eye out for those sleeping granite rocks when launching your kayak into the bay! 🙂

Settling in on Sanibel - Kyack

Image: Janet Beasley – Flickr

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