Sweet Sweet Sanibel Summertime

Ah Sweet Summertime! This week marked the official start of the Summer Season throughout the U.S.


As you may very well know, Summer and Fall tend to be Southwest Florida’s quieter seasons, compared to the busy Winter and Spring months. Right now, most of our snowbirds are up north, enjoying their Summer estates. While Florida residents, especially those of us in the travel/tourism industry, get a chance to slow down and recover from “peak season.”

Wondering what Summer is like in Southwest Florida and on Sanibel Island? We’ve prepared a Sanibel Summertime Summary just for you!

Weather – Hurricanes and the Heat

I know, your first thought is… “it must be scorching hot in SWFL during the Summer months!” Yes, I admit, it is hot here! But what some don’t realize is that the temperature usually stays in the mid- to high-80’s, and the mid-90’s on a really hot day.

In fact, most cities up north experience hotter temperatures in the Summer, easily reaching the 90’s and even into the 100’s! We should point out, the Max High in Fort Myers least year was only 96℉. 

Southwest Florida’s Summertime weather is humid, and usually includes a daily dose of afternoon thunderstorms. “But what about Hurricanes?” I get this question a lot. The official Atlantic Hurricane Season runs June – November every year.

This year’s Hurricane forecast seems to indicate a mild season, with NOAA predicting 9-15 named storms, 4-8 hurricanes, with 2-4 of these classified as major hurricanes.

Meteorologists cast their predictions based on weather patterns and previous storm information. However, the location of possible storms is still somewhat of a “wildcard” in the equation. “It only takes one,” Sanibel’s weather consultant, Dave Roberts, reminded us at the annual hurricane seminar on island.

I would say the overall attitude towards Hurricane’s here on Sanibel is unmoved yet cautious and aware. Jim’s blog about “How not to worry about Hurricanes” helps explain the impassive approach we take on the topic.

That is not to say we are unaware, or unprepared for a storm, of course. In fact, we strongly encourage all Southwest Florida residents become familiar with Hurricane storm systems, and put emergency plans in place. Click here to see our Emergency Preparedness Tips.

Activities – Inside or Out?

Both! You are guaranteed to sweat when participating in outdoor activities here in the Summer. But that’s nothing that a quick dip in the pool or Gulf of Mexico can’t overcome!

Our blog Summertime Swimming and Boating on Sanibel talks about the proper precautions both beachgoers and boaters should take to ensure safety this Summer.


When you need to step inside and cool off, the Summer Season is a great time to visit some of the museums and indoor attractions you probably avoid during “peak season.” With fewer cars on the road, and shorter lines at local restaurants, Summer is the perfect time to try something new!

If all else fails… ice cream. Ice Cream and Sweet Summertime go hand-in-hand! With our local Love Boat Home Made Ice Cream, and popular DairyQueen location on Sanibel, there’s always a treat to cool you off.

sanibel summertime

Hopefully this paints a good picture of Summertime on Sanibel. But don’t take it form me, come down and visit us this Summer and see for yourself!

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