The Beauty of Sanibel Island

When you live in paradise, you sometimes become numb to the beauty of your hometown. Driving through neighborhoods of lush native landscaping, and taking a walk down our white sandy beaches becomes your average Tuesday routine.

Sanibel island sunset

It’s not until you visit another area and remove yourself for a few days that you come to miss these everyday joys and wonders of living on Sanibel Island. While other areas of Florida and the U.S. have beautiful features of their own, nothing beats coming HOME over the Causeway bridge, gazing over at the lighthouse on the beach.

The beauty of our island is what likely draws you to visit or live here too. I’m sure we each have our special Sanibel stories, photos, and experiences. For me, these photos that I have taken over the years perfectly capture a few of reasons we chose to move our family here over a decade ago.

I hope you enjoy!

Jim McCallion About Jim McCallion

Meet the "Marketing Megaphone" and Webmaster behind McCallion & McCallion. After selling his software company, Jim, Susan and kids moved to Sanibel in 2008. With his tech experience, he and Susan bring a fresh approach to island real estate.