The Best Time To List Your Home

“When’s the best time to list my home?”

Homeowners ask me this question all the time. I’m sure they’re expecting me to say, “Right Now! List with ME!” (You know, the typical Realtor® response.) …But those who know me, know I’m always honest and upfront with them.

The truth is, the best time to list your home is when YOU are ready.

Yes, there is a “peak season” on Sanibel and Captiva Island, which is a popular time for homeowners to put their home on the market. However, the other seasons of the year have just as many benefits for homeowners looking to sell. It all depends on your motivations for selling.


To help drive this point home, I’ve listed three benefits of selling your Sanibel or Captiva home in each season of the year.

Why list in the Fall?

These are the months leading up to our “high season,” when a number of snow birds, vacationers and future home buyers come down to visit the area. The Fall is a popular time for homeowners on Sanibel and Captiva to list their home for that reason. 


Benefits of listing in the Fall:

  • There’s plenty of time to gather the necessary documents, take professional photos, and properly market the home before peak season 
  • You have time to make any minor updates and renovations to the home before season starts
  • Your home will be “new to the market” when visitors start to come in town

Why list in the Winter?

As you already know, the winter months are the busiest times here on Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Many homeowners decide to list their home in the Winter, while so many prospective buyers are in the area. 


Benefits of listing in the Winter:

  • Inventory usually peeks during these months, which makes the market competitive for buyers and sellers to negotiate for the best price
  • Prospective buyers are in town, many of which are ready to purchase if they “find the right property.” (We hear this all the time!)
  • The market moves quickly during the Winter months, which is great if you’re property is market-ready and you’re hoping to sell fast 

Why list in the Spring?

Our “peak season” usually carries on into late March, early April. The transactions that occurred in the Winter usually come to the closing table in the Spring. However, there are still a number of buyers and sellers that did not transact and are still in the market.


Benefits of listing in the Spring:

  • Spring is the most popular time for homeowners across the nation to list their property for sale, becuase of the beautiful flowers and curb appeal that come with the season
  • Prospective buyers that have been looking in the Winter may not have found the home for them, or their offer might have fell through – making these buyers eager to find their Sanibel or Captiva home before they leave the area for the season
  • Inventory levels are often lower during the Spring months, since a number of homes sold during peak season

Why list in the Summer?

Summer tends to be a slower time of year here on the islands, when the beaches are less crowded with vacationers and traffic dies down a little. Homeowners and prospective buyers can breathe a sigh of relief from these variables, and put more focus on their home sale or home search. 


Benefits of listing in the Summer:

  • Often, the prospective buyers that come to town during the summer months aren’t visiting because of the “lovely weather,” but because they are serious about their home search and are ready to buy now
  • Some homeowners take their property off the market during the summer months and wait to put it back on the market next season, this equals less competition for homes listed in the Summer months
  • If you’re unsure how the market will react to your home, Summer is a good time to test the water and receive feedback so that you have plenty of time to make any changes before season rolls back around  



As you can see, there are a number of benefits to be considered for listing in each season of the year, and of course, there are downsides as well. However, I hope this helped to answer any hesitancies or questions you have with determining the “right time” to list.

Remember, the right time is when you, your home and your family are ready for this big transition… and oh, by the way, when that time gets near, I’d be happy to give advice and help prepare your home for the market. Keep me in mind!

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