Top Selling Sanibel Communities of 2018

As an active Real Estate Broker on island, I have a pretty good idea of which communities are the most popular in terms of the number of homes listed and sold each year. But I’m always curious to dig a little deeper and see which communities were “Hot” last year that might have surprised me. “Hot” meaning they had more than six homes sell in a year’s span. Woo-who!

Obviously, the larger communities will make the list every year simply due to the larger inventory of homes available. This goes for both single family home communities and condominium complexes on island.

Below, I show the top-selling single family and condo communities on island, along with the number of sales that took place between January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018.

If you’re curious, I’ve also included the average list to sales price ratio, the average list price and close price, and finally, the median closed price (in case there was one really high or low dollar sale that’s throwing the avg close price for a loop). – Take a look!

Top Selling Single Family Communities in 2018

NOTE: For the Dunes of Sanibel, 7 of the 28 sales were actually 1/2 duplexes, not single-family homes. So this reflects a slightly lower average for the overall list price, sales price, median sales price, etc.

Where Are These Communities?

Top Selling Condo Communities in 2018

Where Are These Communities?

The purpose of all this isn’t to persuade you for or against one of these top selling communities on island, but rather to give you an idea of some of the larger or more popular communities on island.

Looking for stats on a specific complex or community? Shoot me an email. I have the full list of 2018 sales stats for each community that I’d be happy to share with you!

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